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Our Commitment to Racial Equity

At Exelon, we live our values, including a fierce commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity. Following the tragic death of George Floyd and other cases of racial discrimination, our CEO Chris Crane sent the following message to all employees:

Dear Colleagues,

During these extraordinary times, when many parts of our lives have changed, it's more important than ever that we ground ourselves in the fundamental values that define us as a company.

Recent racial discrimination incidents in Minnesota, New York, Kentucky and Georgia have drawn widespread national attention and, while not within our company, remind us, once again, that our focus on our values of respect, diversity and inclusion cannot waver. Supporting, encouraging and engaging everyone in our company – no matter their gender, color of their skin, sexual orientation, disability, religion, point of view or other unique qualities – are actions we must take every day. While social distancing separates us, this is not a time to be passive, but a time to reach out to colleagues, engage in a dialogue, make sure they're okay and their voices are heard. To let them know they are valued and important. To reinforce the fundamental belief that our diversity of backgrounds, experiences and ideas is the foundation of our ability to serve all our customers, to innovate and to create the future of energy together.

There is no room in our company for hate, intolerance, discrimination or harassment of any kind – either obvious or covert – toward our colleagues or customers. We cannot tolerate it and none of us can stand by quietly if we observe it.

These events impact us, our customers and the communities we serve, and we are called to action. Ask yourself these three questions: What can I do to change my department, company, neighborhood or town for the better? What are the behaviors I'm modeling? Am I ready and willing to speak up if I see behavior that isn't consistent with this critical value?

Now, more than ever, keeping each other safe – in every way – is our most important job.