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Powering Opportunity

Transforming communities through workforce development

Exelon has a robust workforce development strategy focused on addressing economic inequities impacting underserved communities. 

We will be a workforce development pioneer, providing thought leadership, championing economic equity and transforming our communities. We are steadfast in our commitment to develop an expanded, diverse talent pipeline through agile workforce development solutions while working with underserved communities. We will accomplish this by:
  • Igniting STEM in young minds
  • Eliminating barriers to economic empowerment
  • Equipping work-ready adults and youth for family-supporting careers
  • Engineering new ideas in workforce development

EXELON'S WORKFORCE DEVelopment program priorities


STEM Awareness & Education
We execute programs that provide youth STEM education and prepare them for STEM and technical careers


Barrier Reduction/Elimination
We advocate for policies and practices that reduce or eliminate systemic and tactial barriers and expand diverse pipelines across regional workforces


Opportunity Creation and Partnerships
We create and support workforce academies to prepare youth and work-ready adults for family-supporting careers with and through like-minded partners


Thought Leadership
We engineer new ideas in workforce development; develop standards/measurements; and communicate our story in our regions and across industries