Sustainability continues to be a fundamental element of our business strategy and a competitive advantage for Exelon. Advocacy for clean energy and a national policy on climate change continue to be top priorities. Exelon is effectively promoting energy efficiency programs and integration of customer renewables into our distribution systems and have set aggressive goals for fleet vehicle electrification..

Building Value Through Technology

Exelon’s culture of embracing and empowering innovation and new technologies enables us to help shape new solutions and deliver sustainable value while building the integrated energy system of the future. We gather passionate employees and external experts to develop innovative solutions to address our biggest business challenges. Emerging technologies and business practices also drive operational excellence and accelerate the deployment of novel products and services for our customers. Our key programs for managing technology engagement across all maturity levels, ranging from early investigation of an emerging concept to full deployment across our operations.


At Exelon, we are powering a cleaner and brighter future for our customers and communities.

With the separation from Constellation Energy in February 2022, Exelon is now a pure-play T&D utility company that does not own power generation. This allows Exelon to focus on customer and community interest in cleaner, more reliable and affordable energy delivery systems. As the nation’s largest T&D company we have the size and scale to help steward the energy transition, power the economic health and well-being of the large and diverse metropolitan areas that we serve, while advocating for energy equity.


Advancing Clean Energy and Affordable Energy Choices

With today’s technologies, customers can access energy and energy services from a variety of sources. Exelon enables our customers to make choices and take advantage of the cleaner energy options that are available. Through a constant focus on operational excellence, efficiency and innovation, we strive for energy affordability and seek to ensure that all communities we serve can enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of clean energy.


The science is settled. Climate change is real.

Exelon is helping address climate change. We are on track to achieve our third corporate GHG reduction goal to reduce operational GHG emissions 50 percent by 2030 and achieve Net-Zero by 2050 while also supporting our customers and communities in achieving their clean energy goals.  

While we are focused on actions that Exelon can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and how we can enable customers and communities, the greater backdrop is that all nations must work to transform their energy use toward carbon neutrality to reduce the impacts of climate change for future generations. The physical changes to the climate and environment occurring as a result of past GHG emissions will continue for decades to come due to the long life of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, we need to focus on both eliminating future GHG emissions and preparing for the unavoidable physical impacts of climate change already occurring.