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Sustainability continues to be a fundamental element of our business strategy and a competitive advantage for Exelon. Advocacy for clean energy and a national policy on climate change continue to be top priorities. Exelon’s utilities are effectively promoting energy efficiency programs and integration of renewables and have set aggressive goals for fleet vehicle electrification.

Advancing a Culture of Technology and Innovation.

In response to our durable trends, Exelon focuses on advancing a culture of 
technology and innovation. We gather our passionate employees and external 
experts to develop innovative solutions for our biggest business challenges. New 
technologies and business models drive operational excellence and accelerate the 
development of new products and services for our customers. The graphic below 
depicts our key programs for managing technology and innovation opportunities 
across all maturity levels, ranging from early investigation to full deployment 
across our operations.

The energy system of the future is closer than you think.

This transformation of the energy system is being driven by a number of factors: technology and innovation, intelligent electric network equipment and systems, consumer interest in renewable energy and, of course, our collective concern for the environment.

Through all this change, the demand for clean, affordable and always available power remains.

We believe the current grid and central power generation systems will continue to coexist with renewables, energy efficiency and other investments as the grid is an essential backbone to realizing the promise of new technologies. Smart meters and the smart grid are transforming utilities just as smart phones revolutionized the telecommunications business. At Exelon, we’re making targeted investments in core markets as well as exploring promising technologies with the potential to reshape the energy landscape.

The science is settled. Climate change is real.
Exelon is helping address climate change.  We are on track to achieve our third corporate GHG reduction goal to reduce operational GHG emissions 15 percent by 2022. 

The pace at which the nation transforms its energy use toward carbon neutrality will impact climate conditions for future generations. The physical changes that are occurring as a result of past GHG emissions will continue for decades to come due to their long life in the atmosphere. Therefore, we need to both eliminate future GHG emissions and prepare for the unavoidable physical impacts already occurring. At Exelon, we manage climate change impacts and risks as an integral part of our business. We continue to be a leading provider of non-emitting energy and a strong advocate for climate change action.