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Advancing clean and affordable energy choices

Exelon’s utilities provide clean energy solutions and technologies to combat climate change, reduce local air pollution, and power a healthy, sustainable future. That’s why advancing clean, electric transportation and charging options drives us.

Cleaner vehicles on the road helps the cities and states in which we operate meet their environmental goals, reduce their carbon footprint, bring cleaner air to communities and create economic opportunity through job creation and reduced energy costs.  



Personal EV Charging

At Exelon’s utilities, we’re:
  • installing residential, commercial and utility charging ports across Maryland, Washington, D.C., Delaware and New Jersey, and offering rebates and incentives to support EV charging infrastructure
  • helping EV owners manage the cost of charging and minimize impact on the electric grid
  • investing in education and outreach programs that highlight the many benefits of vehicle electrification and how easy it is to go EV
From Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia, Baltimore to New Jersey, Delaware to Chicago, we’ve got you covered when you want to explore smarter, cleaner transportation options with an electric vehicle (EV). Click on the logo of your utility to learn more about EV charging, rebates and more where you live. 

Exelon advocates for transportation electrification: It’s about equity

Transportation electrification helps support cleaner air and healthier communities, by reducing emissions, helping to promote cleaner air and water. We know that reducing air pollution in communities of color that are most vulnerable to air pollution and the effects of climate change is particularly urgent. 

Exelon’s utilities have been leaders in this rapidly growing space by expanding charging infrastructure, offering rebates, incentives and innovative rates and electrifying public transportation to deliver convenient, affordable and equally accessible clean transportation options for the communities we serve.