As the nation's leading competitive energy provider, Exelon believes our work is essential, and we are privileged to power our communities' homes, businesses and economies. That's why our ethics, integrity and business conduct matter.

Exelon embraces review by government officials at the local, county, state and federal levels; we operate our businesses in full compliance with the law. We expect our directors, employees and contractors to act with integrity and respect. And we expect them to uphold the highest ethical standards so that we maintain the trust of customers, shareholders, government officials and the diverse communities that Exelon serves.


Fostering Ethical Behavior

To remain committed to doing the right thing, companies must do more than just hire ethical people. They must develop institutional integrity. Exelon’s culture rewards safety, integrity, diversity, respect, accountability and continuous improvement. Exelon provides a framework of core values and a companywide Code of Business Conduct that defines objectives, expectations and responsibilities for our employees, and provides guidance and support.


Exelon Supplier Code Of Conduct

Exelon holds Suppliers to the same high standards of integrity and ethical conduct that it holds itself and employees. Exelon approved a new Exelon Supplier Code of Conduct, which is now in effect. The new Exelon Supplier Code of Conduct outlines Exelon's expectations and standards for ethical conduct with which all Suppliers, their subcontractors, and their respective workforces must comply when working on behalf of Exelon andards for evaluating the environmental attributes of key materials and services provided to the industry.


Reporting An Ethics Concern

The Audit Committee of the Exelon board of directors has adopted and oversees a process for the receipt, retention, investigation and resolution of concerns of improper business conduct, including potential violation of law or the Code of Business Conduct. The process, administered by the Ethics and Compliance Office, provides employees, shareholders, customers, contractors, suppliers and others with multiple avenues for reporting concerns, including options that allow anonymity.

Those who wish to report a concern online may use the Exelon Ethics Help Line Website. Or to report a concern or ask a question by phone please call: 1-800-23ETHIC (1-800-233-8442). 


Processing Reports Of Ethics Concerns

The Ethics Office promptly informs the chairman of the Audit Committee of serious issues, forwards concerns to the appropriate organization for investigation and prepares quarterly reports of significant matters to the committee. It is also responsible for determining any waivers of a provision of the code for any senior officer and reporting them to the committee to be addressed by the board and disclosed.