ACE, BGE, ComEd, Delmarva, PECO, and PEPCO provide notices and other information as required under the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission's Standards of Conduct ("FERC SOC").


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Certain postings are available for viewing at the Open Access Same Time Information System (OASIS) website maintained by PJM Interconnection LLC. All transmission services within the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland (PJM) Interconnection are now governed by PJM's Open Access Transmission Tariff. All requests for transmission service reservations for all transmission paths within the PJM Interconnection, as well as all requests for transmission information (e.g., TTC, ATC), are now being handled on PJM's OASIS node. 

Users who do not currently have a valid User ID on PJM's OASIS node will need to register. Go to the PJM OASIS site and then select "Create a New PJM OASIS User." Follow the on-screen instructions.

Transparency Requirement Posts

RequirementExelon Transmission Provider Postings
Chief Compliance Officer name and contact information (358.8(c)(2))Chief Compliance Officer
Cheryl Crumpton 

Revised 05/10/2023
No Conduit Disclosures (358.7(a)(1-2))

ACE - None

BGE – None

ComEd – None

DPL - None


Contemporaneous Disclosure Notice 1.28.19.pdf

Pepco - None

Voluntary customer consents (358.7(c))None
Written Procedures (358.7(d))
Names and addresses of affiliates with marketing function employees (358.7(e)(1))ACE, BGE, ComEd, Delmarva, PECO, and PEPCO (addresses available on utility websites) personnel who perform energy acquisition activities on a day-to-day basis would be considered marketing function employees.

Revised 2/2/2022
Facilities shared by transmission and marketing function employees (358.7(e)(2))No shared physical facilities.

Electronic/Computer Shared Facilities - Computers are not shared “physically” between Exelon’s Transmission Providers and their marketing affiliates, however the Exelon Information Technology environment consists of servers, systems and applications that are shared between all of the businesses. There are many servers within Exelon and all are used to house Exelon IT information, systems and applications. With a few exceptions most of these servers can be accessed by individuals throughout the Exelon network. Access is controlled by utilizing “access privilege controls” through the network operating system and these dictate the level of access a particular user will have (no access being the most restrictive, and full access being the least restrictive). The control to grant access to a particular user and what specific access that user has is governed by various administrators of the system. Persons who are not permitted to have access to non-public transmission information are not granted access to the particular system or application that houses such information.
Potential merger partners (358.7(e)(3))None
Job titles and job descriptions of transmission function employees (358.7(f)(1))
Transfers between marketing and transmission function roles (358.7(f)(2))

Kevin Vanbui, currently a BGE Transmission System Operator II, will move to Constellation as a Generation Dispatcher.  The transfer date is 11/09/2019. 

Posted 11/07/2019


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