Exelon protects our shared natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. We work to reduce our impacts on wildlife and enhance natural habitats. We conserve energy within our own operations. We also help customers use less energy and save money with tools that allow them to make smart choices.


How does Exelon enhance our natural environment?

Preserving Habitats and Biodiversity

All living things matter

All living things matter.

We have a variety of plants and animals in our shared environment, but habitat and biodiversity are more than that. All living things are vital to the ecosystems in which they live.

Exelon has a longstanding partnership with the Wildlife Habitat Council to restore and enhance wildlife habitats at our facilities and where we have rights-of-way. Exelon has been a member of the council for more than 17 years and maintains 40 WHC sites and 65 National Wildlife Federation certified sites.


Prioritizing Energy Efficiency

All living things matter

Exelon helps customers conserve and be good environmental stewards too.

Exelon’s utilities help customers save energy and reduce their monthly bills through energy efficiency, real-time pricing and demand response programs. These tools allow customers to make smart energy choices to make their homes and businesses more efficient. Using less energy benefits the environment and reduces the need for new power plants.


Exelon utilities offer some of the nation’s largest energy efficiency programs.

In 2022, through a combination of new and prior-year investments, our Exelon utilities helped customers save 24.8 million MWh of energy through the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, PECO Energy Efficiency program, BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® and PHI Home Energy Savings Program®. This equates to over 9.5 million metric tons of CO2e emissions avoided, the equivalent energy use of almost 1.2 million homes for one year or the carbon sequestered by 11.3 million acres of U.S. Forest in one year.