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Prospective Suppliers

A relationship with Exelon starts here.

Exelon has a supplier-sourcing database. We want your business in that database, with a profile you create that helps us know your business and the ways in which you might help ours. Once you’ve registered, you will receive a confirmation message from the system that you have successfully created a supplier profile.

When you register and create a profile, your company is simply brought to our attention.


Being registered implies no promise of a contract or contracts.

Registration allows Exelon to more easily identify potential suppliers whom Exelon may want to choose to participate in a sourcing event and compete for work. Contract awards follow Exelon’s established procedures for competitive bidding, evaluation and negotiation. The steps in the competitive bidding process include a thorough financial and quality assurance evaluation to ensure suitability with Exelon’s standards of excellence. Registration does not imply a promise by Exelon to either include a supplier in a sourcing event or enter into a contract(s) for work.


How you become an approved bidder for Exelon business.

Exelon sourcing professionals search the sourcing database to identify potential bidders when a future need for services or materials is identified. As we seek to enhance our relationship with premier suppliers, we also look for opportunities to build partnerships with new suppliers who are environmentally responsible with a keen focus on safety and superior quality. If your company matches our search criteria an additional request for information (RFI) may be issued for clarifications and additional detail; or a formal solicitation to participate in a sourcing event may be issued. In all cases, you will receive an email notification inviting you to participate should the opportunity arise.

Exelon requires current and prospective suppliers to maintain updated profiles at least annually.


Materials and services we purchase

A complete list of Categories of the services and materials that we purchase is available using the link below. If you have an urgent question, select the Category Manager that best describes your business. You’ll find their name and email address.

New Supplier Registration

We're glad you'​re interested in​​ doing business with Exelon. ​​​​You can create your sourcing​ profile here. It's a simple, quick, no-cost process. If you are a current supplier to Exelon DO NOT create a new profile unless advised. Need help? Contact our software provider’s customer support team for assistance at support@gep.com or call

Advertising & Marketing

Advertising , Communications , Direct Mail/Postage, Graphic Design, Market Research, Marketing, Print (Adv & Mktg Only), Promotional Items (Adv & Mktg Only), Public & Community Relations, Sponsorships, Video/Media, and Web Services.​


Nuclear safety related and non-safety related material (ie. screw, nut, washer, bolt, clamp, anchor, pin, stud, rod, etc). Will also include both off-the-shelf and specialty fasteners, CED pole line hardware, concrete anchor bolting, and HydraNuts.


Chemicals and related services.

​​Distillate Derivatives​Fuels, oils and lubricants (e.g. fuels, oils and lubricants, dielectric fluid, paints and coatings etc.
Commodity ChemicalCaustic, sulphuric acid, sodium hypochlorite, aqueous ammonia etc.
Specialty Chemicals:​Bead and powdered resins, water treatment chemicals - sodium bromide, hydantoin, phosphonates (SHMP), amines, polyacrylates, boric acid, sodium pentaborate and other chemicals such as depleted zinc oxide and acetate, hydrazine etc.​


Purchase and laundry services for flame resistant (FR) and non-flame resistant (NFR) clothing; and provides management of safety shoe program and prescriptions safety glass program.


Encompasses several areas of overhead, underground and substation construction, repair, and maintenance.

Distribution Overhead Electric
Pole replacement, Distribution Automation, Storm Hardening, Distribution Line Construction
Transmission Overhead Electric​Tower Foundations, Tower Construction (incl. cellular service towers), Tower Raising, Reconductoring
Substation Construction​Civil construction, Electrical construction
High Rise Vaults​Vault Construction, Electrical Equipment and Reconductoring
Distribution Electric Underground​Fault, Locate, and Repair, Horizontal Direction Drilling and Cable Replacement, Duct bank and conduit construction, Below grade civil construction, vaults, and manholes
Transmission Electric Underground​Civil construction, Electrical construction
Distribution Gas & ElectricGas infrastructure expansion (URD and NRCG), Cable replacement programs
Transmission Gas​Pipeline Integrity


Providing Protective Clothing, laundry services, dissolvable modesty garments and dissolvable material processing to the nuclear sites.

Cooling Towers

Heat removal devices used to transfer process waste heat to the atmosphere.

Diesel Equipment

Emergency diesel generator and fire pump diesel requirements.

Parts, repairs, and on-site services for safety related and non-safety related diesel equipment, primarily used in Nuclear and minimally in Fossil generation plants.




Procures the services of highly skilled divers and specialized equipment. The service falls into two main types of diving; non-radiologial and radiologial.

This service involves maintenance and project management activities that include: inspection, welding, cutting, coating, cleaning/desludging. From Exelon’s point of view the service provided under this category falls under two main types of diving.

Elec Distribution

Comprises most of the key components required to build and maintain an overhead and underground electric distribution system.

Specific equipment includes, but is not limited to: Pole line hardware, Connectors, Insulators, Fuses, Cut-outs, Lightning arrestors, Molded rubber products (Cable Elbows, Dust Caps, Not PPE),


​​Breakers, Switchgear, Relays, Transformers, Motor Control Centers, Grounding Devices, Variable Frequency Drives, Digital Controls

Energy Efficiency

Customer programs to drive energy savings include targeting specific behavior in both the Residential, Small Business, and Commercial & Industrial (C&I) markets.

​Energy Efficiency​Residential, Small Business, and C&I programs that inlcude Customer rebates and discounts, direct installs and energy audits; retrofits and recomissioning; and community, municipal and educational programs
​Demand Response​Air conditioning cycling including thermostatesa nd swithes; water heater cycling; and dynamic pricing such as peak time rebate program


Services, provided by external utility-focused design firms, necessary to develop conceptual and detailed design specifications, drawings, plans and studies to support new construction, maintenance modifications and capital projects.​

Nuclear and Power Engineering, Transmisssion and Substation Engineering, Distribution Engineering, New Business Engineering, and Project and Construction Management


​Environmental Consulting, Laboratory testing services, ISO 4001 Auditing, Investment Recovery and Recycling.

Environmental Consulting​NPDE, SPCC, and Permitting
Investment Recovery and Recycling​Recycling of scrap metal, wire, cable, transformers, reels, wood pallets, etc. Sale of excess inventory, and Salvage of used vehicles and miscellaneours equipment
Industrial Services​Oil, hazardous waste disposal

Equipment Rental

Vehicles and equipment sourced to temporarily supplement Exelon-owned vehicles and equipment. This category is divided into subcategories by equipment type, examples of the types of equipments in each subcategory are listed for information purposes.

​Construction​Backhoes, Trenchers, Tractors, Graders, Mini-excavators, Rollers & Compactors
​Areial​Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts, Manlifts, Fork Lifts, Cranes
​General​Trailers, Generators, Compressors, Welders, Mobile Offices, Vacuum Excavators, Lighting, Carts, Rear Property Carts, Non fleet related equipment/material, Pressure Washers
​Trench Safety​Shoring, Crossing plates, Sheeting, Confined Space Equipment
​Medium/ Heavy Duty Trucks​Bucket, Dump, and Stake Trucks; Tractor Trailers; Lugger and Cable Pullers; Digger Derricks
​Cars and Light Duty Trucks​Pick-ups, SUVs, Vans


In providing maintenance, repair, and operation of Exelon commercial property and Real Estate services including Lease Management and Brokerage Services​.

Facilities Services include Elevators, HVAC, Janitorial Services, Roofing, Security Services, Paving, Fencing, Roads and Grounds Maintenance, Landscaping, Snow Removal, and Food Service


​Integral part of power plants and used to remove impurities from critical systems.

​Filters​Air, Condensate filters, NSSS (Nuclear Steam Supply System), or Chemical and Volume Control System for the reactor, Fuel/Oil (lubrication), Water, Misc
​Elements & Parts or Misc Materials which Support Filters​Vessels, Guide rods, Hardware, O Rings/Gaskets
​Traveling Screens​Power plants use very large amoung of surface water for cooling, and are required to protect the lives of fish using special fish screens
​Filtration Systems​​Condensate filter demineralizer systems, Sump screens

Financial Services

​Supplier managed services, delivered in many forms as determined by properly defined Scope of Work or regulation that help Exelon manage or improve the corporate financial strategy and overall operations.

Most functions touch audit and accounting services, financial consulting and outlook, financial transaction processing, security and investment activities and tax consulting subcategories​.


Responsible for all vehicles, equipment and ancillary services.​​

Vehicles, parts, tires, up-fitting, on-site fleet maintenace services, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), towing services, leasing and other fleet related services


​Shipment of a commodity transported via water, land or air.

​Inbound Freight​
Direct Freight​Expedited shipments, time critical.
LTL includes <13,000lbs within size limitations
TL includes >13,000lbs both ground and water
Parcel Freight​Shipments of small packages <150lbs, both ground and air services
Courier Services​Dedicated shipments of small packages​

Gas Construction

Broad based category emcompassing several areas of construction and maintenance.

Gas Transmission​Gate station maintenance and upgrade projects, tramissions reinforcement/expansion, transmission integrity
Gas Maintenance​optimain/reactive - main replacements, system reinforcements, public relocations, bare steel service replacement
Infrastructure​Operation Pipeline (BOP), Accelerated Gas Infrastructure Modernization Program (AGIMP)
Gas New Business​EmPower Progrem, GAMS, Customer/Contractor initiated request

Gas Distribution

Inclusive of those materials necessary to inspect, measure/monitor, regulate, and distribute natural gas.

Gas products; Plastic pipes, valves and fittings; metal pipes, valves and fittings; meter accessories; open bin


​Liquid and gaseous Hydrogen, liquid and gaseous Nitrogen, liquid Oxygen, liquid Carbon Dioxide, Argon welding gases, Helium, Carbon Dioxide, Calibration mixed gases, SF6 and Propane delivered in either bulk or cylinders.

Cylinder and bulk gases

Heavy Hauling and
Lifting Services

In support of lifting and handling of large loads: specialized and conventional lifting.

Specialized lifting involves complex logistics and maneuvering requiring high level of engineering. Conventional lifting involves lighter loads.​

HR Services

​Relocation Services, Benefits Administration, HR Consulting, Assessment, Development, OHS, Outplacement Services and Recruiting​.

Inspections NDE

Non destructive examination services including Flow Accelerated Corrosion, Visual, Ultrasonic, Liquid Penetrant, Radiographic, Eddy Current, remove visual inspection using tools such as borescopes, cameras, and crawlers; Quality welding electrical and other component inspections, and Authorized Nuclear Inspection.​


​Material that measures or controls a variety of power plant processes such as flow, level, temperature, pressure, radiation, vibration, and related electrical equipment.

Circuit breakers (medium sized) and otor Control Center (MCC) buckets, Large Station Batteries, Nuclear Reactor Power Sensors (LPRMs, IRMs, SRMs), Temperature and Pressure Transmitters, Circuit Boards, relays, switches, power supplies, Solenoid valves, instrumentation fittings, Radiation monitors, Recorders, recording paper and other consumables, Parts, refurbishments and repairs for nuclear plant Safety Related (SR) and Non-Safety Related (NSR) Instrumentation and Controls components​.

IT Hardware

​Includes all equipment used for computing, processing and storing applications and data​.

IT Outsourcing

IT Infrastructure and Operations (I&O), Application Maintenance and Support (AMS) (e.g. Accenture) or Managed Services (e.g. TCS), other services (e.g. IT Security Managed Services provided by BT Americas) and Hosting Solution and Services (e.g. Mainframe Operations Outsourcing).

IT Outsourcing

IT Professional

​IT projects​

IT Services &
Software Projects
(Utility IT/OT)

IT Software

Software License, Maintenance & Services (i.e. implementation, training) purchase, On-going Software Maintenance, Licenses and Subscription, Applications, Middleware, Database, Operating Systems, Large Account Reseller (LAR) Provided Software, Software as a Service – SaaS, and Cloud/Hosted Applications​.

IT Telecom

​IT Telecom products and services​.

Direct Spend with various telephone/communications companies who own/operation the voice & data networks that connect Exelon to the outside world; direct spend with supplier who sell and support 2-way radio systems; spend with suppliers who provide Telecom related products/services​.

Mass Markets

Mass Market Customer Acquisition involves the end-to-end process of enrolling new customers in both the Residential (“Resi”) and Small Commercial (“SMB”) market segments​.


Meters, Meter services, and AMI Network Services​


Maintenance Modification Contracting, outsource labor​

Mobile Crane -
Equip and Parts

See Crane Equipment and Parts.


New equipment, parts, repairs, on-site services and storage vertical and horizontal motors including nuclear safety related and non-safety related, commercial, contaminated and EQ motors. Overlaps with small motors and parts managed through MRO or Power Transmission Equipment.


Includes range of items utilized to perform maintenance, repairs and operations.

Safety (safety glasses, vests, hardhats), Tools (hand tools and power tools), janitorial MRO (paper towlers, degreasers, mops), electrical (lighting, fuses, conduit), industrial (rope, lubricants, paints), building hardware (fixtures, locks, barricades), lab supplies (beakers, acetone, chemical buffers), power transmission equipment (couplings, bearings, hoses), rad pro (tacky pads, absorbents).


Services regarding the reactor vessels and supporting systems for power generation.

Office Services

​Services and products that support the functional operation​ including but not limited to: office supplies, paper products and stationary, copying and printing, records management, mailroom services and equipment, promotional items, non-managed spend​.

Pipe & Fittings

​Includes both safety and non-safety related steel pipe, fittings and structural steel.

Pipe clamps, u-bolts, steam traps, snubbers and small diameter valves.


Poles for distribution, emergency reserve transmission, decorative lighting and special projects

​Steel Poles​Transmission and substation steel poles and towers


​​Includes parts, repairs, on-site services, and engineering services. Types of pumps include vertical and horizontal centrifugal, reciprocating, and rotary pumps, including specialty vacuum and EHC pumps. Mechanicals seals are inlcuded in this category​.

RAD Waste

Safe processing and disposal of liquid and solid Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW). The processing , transportation and disposal of Radwaste is heavily regulated by Federal and State NRC, EPA and OSHA.

Burial, On-Site Processing - Dewatering, Off-Site Processing – Concentrated Waste Drying, W/Metal IRF Processing, Additional Dewatering, Transportation, Consulting Services, Special Projects (Tritium, Large Object Disposal)


Routine and emergency sample collection services, routine maintenance including sampling equipment calibration, land use census and shipping of samples to the analytical laboratories. Consultant services related to the monitoring services. This category includes monitoring of Air Particulates, Ground Water, Sediment, Fish, TLD (Thermoluminescent Dosimeter), Milk, and Vegetation samples.​

Sealing Devices

Includes cut and sheet gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, packing, o-rings, and other specialty seals that are primarily used in the Nuclear and Fossil generation plants​.

Spent Fuel

Contracted service that requires safe storage of high level radioactive waste is dry and wet storage mediums​.


Staff augmentation labor (non-employee labor contracted to Exelon via a 3rd party specifically for short term support​.

T&S Material

​Equipment and parts used by the Transmission and Substation Groups in the delivery companies and GENCO.

Switchgear, circuit breakers, circuit switchers, disconnect switches, reactors, relays, substation batteries, and transformer testing equipment.

T&S Material-

Power Transformers


Training consists of training services and development opportunities to employees across Exelon’s various operating companies and their respective business unit.

IT, Materials, Non-technical, Operations, Technical and Training

Travel / Lodging

​These services include commercial air transportation, lodging, car rental, executive jet charters, corporate aviation and reservation services provided by a travel management company and an online booking tool.

Travel management company, airlines, car rental, hotesl and corporate aviation.

Valve Services

​Labor, supervision, materials, tools, and professional technical services necessary to support the on-site testing, calibration and/or repairs of valves; both safety & non-safety related, as well as off-site repairs​.


Safety related and non-safety related valve and valve parts, and actuators and their associated parts​


Speciality welding and turnkey across the fleet.

Welding and Speciality Welding

Wire & Cable

​Wire and Cable and installation services for High Voltage.

​Low Voltage​(600 Volt and below) – includes, overhead wire, storm wire, control cable, fiber, guy, etc
Medium Voltage​(5kV to 35 kV) – Flat strap, Main line, URD, P&L, etc
High Voltage​(69 kV to 345 kV) 
Other​Commercial and Safety Related for our generation fleet​