Below are the most common questions from our suppliers. If you have a question that’s not here, please contact your Category Manager. You’ll notice quite a few questions about Exelon’s Electronic Invoicing and Web Commerce. We work hard to create an automated supply chain with quick, efficient transactions.



The preferred method to submit an invoice is through electronic invoicing

For eInvoicing related invoices, see electronic invoicing FAQs

Submit Invoice

If you cannot support eInvoicing, please reach out to your sourcing professional for an exception. 

Payment terms begin when the invoice is received in Accounts Payable and includes the required information regardless of how it is submitted, manually or via eInvoicing.​​

​​Please allow 3-5 business days after submitting an invoice before making an inquiry. Exelon Accounts Payable (AP) online invoice inquiries​​ is the first point-of-contact for invoice inquiries, this is updated daily.

For invoices submitted via one of the eInvoicing methods, please allow 4-6 days from submittal date. ​

Yes. Your first point of contact is Exelon Accounts Payable (AP). Go to online invoice inquiries​​. You will need to provide the invoice number and the amount of invoice.​​

​​Below are the minimum requirements for processing of an invoice (not submitted via eInvoicing).

At minimum, the invoice should clearly label and display the following:

  • Purchase Order # or Contract #
  • Release # (where applicable)
  • CPA # (where applicable)
  • Unique Invoice #
  • Dollar Amount

An invoice must be consistent with the Purchase Order that was issued, including reference to PO line number, Unit of Measure and CatalogID (if applicable). For example: If the Purchase Order is setup with a unit of measure of feet (FT), it is required that the invoice bills in FT (vs. each or EA).

Invoices not including the required information will be returned to the supplier and will require the supplier to resubmit a corrected invoice. ​​

​No. Each invoice should include only one Purchase Order # or Contract #, and Release #. ​​

If your company uses Exelon’s eInvoicing, you must stay within this system unless specifically directed otherwise. If you are not part of our eInvoicing system, invoices need to be submitted manually to Accounts Payable via email or U.S. Mail.​


​Exelon provides payment detail with all ACH payments, however your financial institution should be able to provide the detail behind your payment. Or go to online invoice inquiries​ and you can search payments using the Check or ACH number.

​No. Checks are generated off-site​


​​Online transactions via EDI or Web Commerce are:

  • Purchase Orders (EDI 850)
  • Purchase Order Revisions (EDI 860)
  • Product Activity Data (EDI 852)
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgments (EDI 855)
  • Advance Shipping Notice – (EDI 856)
  • Material Invoices (EDI 810)
  • Contract Invoices (Contract Invoice Application – CIA)
  • Payment Remittance Advice (820)​

​​These tools reduce manual business processes, which in turn reduce data entry errors, create a shortened supply chain cycle time and enable better integration with suppliers.

With hundreds of suppliers already engaged, we encourage you to determine if you meet our requirements and use these online tools.

​Once a supplier meets Exelon’s requirements, if that supplier does not have the necessary EDI/IT support, we provide a Web Commerce portal at no charge to the supplier. The supplier would need to be proficient with basic computer skills, Purchase Order & Contract creation and acknowledging, and invoice creation and processing.​​

Yes. All Exelon business units have EDI and Web Commerce capabilities. For details, please email eBusiness Support​​.​

​If you are currently set up to invoice Exelon by either EDI or Web Commerce, all invoices must be submitted via this eBusiness method. Do not mail or email invoices to Accounts Payable. For questions regarding your setup, please contact

​Please email

​Please email

​Please email

​Yes, Please contact e-Business Support​ ​for specific instructions. 

​When you first begin using Electronic Invoicing (Web Commerce or EDI), you may have outstanding Exelon Purchase Orders that were not transmitted electronically. Also, in rare cases a Purchase Order may not have been sent via Web Commerce.

​Yes, Please contact e-Business Support​ ​for specific instructions.​

​Contact eBusiness Support at

Please include the following required information:

• Company Name and Point of Contact (POC)

• Email Address

• Phone Number


Additional information about the separation can be found at and the “Supplier” tab on which includes these FAQs specific to Supplier questions and which will be updated periodically.

​Exelon is targeting to complete the separation in the first quarter of 2022, subject to various approvals. Please note there can be no assurance that any separation transaction will ultimately occur.

Please remember our procurement documentation structure.  Generally, we enter a set of Global Terms and Conditions with our Suppliers.  These terms and conditions may have a term that extends beyond the first quarter of 2022, but the terms and conditions only become effective when we enter a Purchase Order or Blanket Purchase Order with you that states the terms and conditions will govern that PO (contract).   General guidance for contracts is provided below.

Your contract will not be affected by the separation if it: 

  • Solely supports any of the 6 Exelon utilities or 
  • Solely supports Exelon Generation Company, Constellation, or any of Exelon’s Generation or retail energy business

We will confirm whether either point above applies to you in a subsequent communication. 

All other contracts are being evaluated by Exelon and affected Suppliers will receive additional information before or during this summer.

Your contract may or may not be affected by the separation.   Contracts of this type are being evaluated by Exelon and affected Suppliers will receive additional information before or during this summer.

​This is a case-by-case determination that will be addressed per the terms of our contract with you. Per the above information, many contracts will not be impacted by the separation. 

Your Supply professional will reach out to you if the separation impacts a current RFP. Many projects will be unaffected by this transaction.  In future RFPs, the lead Supply professional for the RFP will address any separation concerns in the RFP request or scope of work.

​No action is needed of you at this time. Your continued focus on delivering high-quality materials and services during this interim period remains essential.  

At this time our Supply professionals have limited knowledge about specific contracts and if or how they may be affected by the separation.  We are currently focused on evaluating agreements and will respond to you with specifics about your contract(s) as soon as we have information available. 

​Until further notice, there are no changes to current processes regarding invoice submission or payment. Please continue to submit invoices as you do today.