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Join Us at Exelon: Where People with Purpose Power their Careers and the Future of Energy

We power a cleaner, brighter future that is dedicated to excellent customer service and the community.

​According to current research from Gallup, today’s workers look for the following three qualities in a new job: good benefits, personal well-being and being valued for their unique strengths. It’s no surprise that Exelon is consistently ranked a Best Employer by Forbes, The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Professional Women’s Magazine, Diversity, Inc. and more. Our thriving workplaces offer something equally important —they offer a purpose. We power a cleaner, brighter future that is dedicated to excellent customer service and the community. Let’s see how we stack up against Gallup’s top three qualities: 


Competitive Benefits

Exelon offers a competitive suite of benefits that are designed to support employees in every stage of life. In addition to comprehensive core health care benefits such as medical, dental and vision coverage, Exelon employees are able to take advantage of a full slate of offerings, including retirement benefits, tuition reimbursement, adoption financial assistance, generous paid time off (including separate paid parental leave for both birthing and adoptive parents), bereavement leave, emotional health counseling and travel benefits for covered employees and their dependents who need health and well-being care that’s not available near where they live and much more.    

“When I started with the organization, I didn't have a degree. And here I am today with my bachelor's. If it wasn’t for tuition reimbursement, I don't know how I would have paid for college and take care of a child.” 
Rotica Lewis, Community Engagement Manager, BGE 

“I started out day one with full medical, dental and 401k.”  
Stanley Constant, Account Manager, PECO 

“I still remember my first day. People were going around the room and sharing, ‘I've been here for 17 years,’ ‘I've been here for 15 years.’ ‘I've been here for 25 years.’ And I just couldn’t believe people stayed in one place for so long. Now, I see why.” 
Dana Foster, IT Project Manager, Exelon 

Personal Well-Being

At Exelon, people are our most valuable natural resource. That is why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) drives our work and our community commitment. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), diverse representation among senior leadership, and dedication to mentoring all foster a sense of belonging and wellbeing. 

“I will say, in my almost 12 years, I don't think I've ever had a leader who did not support me.”  
Dana Foster, IT Project Manager, Exelon 

“I like the fact Exelon has ERGs. That was a big thing for me being part of employee resource groups, being very active with the Pride resource groups.” 
Robert Atkins, Manager, Energy Supplier Services, PHI

“I grew up in the community hearing about BGE all the time. So, there was a lot of representation here as far as seeing black women at the top. It was one of the major things for me. I'm a lifer!” 
Rotica Lewis, Community Engagement Manager, BGE 

Unique Strengths 

Exelon is a place where employees shine in their individuality, while working as a team. Colleagues collaborate daily with people who care about each other and respect the different experiences and expertise that everyone brings to work each day.   
“When you're able to be yourself, or be your most authentic self, you produce more.” 
Stanley Constant, Account Manager, PECO 

“I’ve really enjoyed working for Exelon these last 11 years. It’s given me a sense of purpose that we’re powering the community.” 
David Alvarez, Principal Project Manager, ComEd 

“There’s such a focus on development at Exelon. I've had the pleasure of working with some amazing managers who have helped shape my career and figure out what I want to do going forward. It gives me the confidence to go into my job and pursue what I want to do.” 
Dana Foster, IT Project Manager, Exelon 

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