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Performance that Drives Progress

With our perspective across the energy business and commitment to performance, Exelon maximizes the potential of energy to create a brighter, more sustainable future for our customers, employees, investors and communities.

Powering a sustainable future.

As the nation’s leading competitive energy provider, Exelon is building its future on a clean and competitive energy platform.   We are enhancing the value of our generation and innovating to better serve our customers.  We are maximizing the potential of energy.


Creating a brighter, more sustainable future.

Exelon has a long-standing commitment to increasing the supply of clean energy and eliminating the equivalent of our carbon emissions. We believe that providing cleaner energy today will create a more sustainable tomorrow. We are reducing our impact.


Investing in our communities.

We understand that we have a responsibility to help our communities thrive. Through community service, corporate giving, and collaboration with our partners, we invest in that goal. We are committed to doing what's right.


Exploring new perspectives.

By challenging ourselves to constantly pursue progress, we maximize our own potential.  At Exelon, we believe that diverse teams drive innovation and we are empowered by our differences.  We succeed as an inclusive team.


Maximizing the potential of energy.

We compete to give our customers greater choice and value, and drive innovations that help businesses function more effectively and help people live better. We have the insight to seize the opportunities of today, while maintaining the focus and long-term view to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. We are driven to excel.