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Quad Cities Station Sponsors 2018 QC Black Business Expo




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Quad Cities Station was a proud sponsor of the 2018 QC Black Business Expo presented by the Quad Cities Empowerment Network in Davenport, Iowa on Feb. 24, 2018. With this year's theme of "Build It," the Black Business Expo showcased and celebrated local black-owned businesses and applicable entrepreneurial services and resources. In its third year, the Expo is designed to specifically highlight black-owned local businesses and showcase the rich diversity of the area's small business community. This year's event included more than 40 vendors and hundreds of attendees.

The Summit portion of the event included break-out sessions designed to assist current and future business owners with their entrepreneurial efforts and a keynote address from Dr. Randal D. Pinkett, Chairman and CEO of BCT Partners. The QC Empowerment Network is a collaborative initiative created for and by black Quad Citizens to connect the community across all divides.

Sponsoring the Black Business Expo is just one way Quad Cities Station has focused its 2018 giving and sponsorships on supporting diversity and inclusion efforts in the local community. Quad Cities Stations' 2018 giving includes sponsorships and/or donations to the following local organizations that work directly toward diversity, equality and inclusion, as well strengthening marginalized youth in the greater Quad Cities community:

  • Quad Cities Unity Pride Week: $2,000
  • One-by-One: $2,600
  • Boys and Girls Club: $5,000
  • QC Empowerment Network/Black Business Expo: $2,000
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters: $5,000

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