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Quad Cities Sponsors STEM Scholarship


The Quad City Engineering and Science Council (QCESC) awarded the annualNathaniel Stout.jpeg $2,000 Quad Cities Station-sponsored scholarship to Nathaniel Stout on Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019 at John Deere World Headquarters in Moline, Ill. Nathaniel is a senior at Sterling High School. He is a National Honor Society member, Illinois State Scholar and the captain of FIRST Robotics Team 6651 Golden Bots. Nathaniel has a weighted GPA of 4.22 and an ACT score of 30. 

He also participates in golf, tennis, band, choir, musical theater, bowling, math team and the chess team. He recently helped lead the chess team to the 2A State Title as senior captain. Outside of school, Nathaniel is a member of the Dixon Coin Club and an active member in his church, Sterling First Church of the Nazarene, where he plays drums and trombone in the praise band and is a delegate for his youth group. 

Nathaniel has worked for a local construction company for the past 5 years during the summer months and plays in the Sterling Municipal Band. The few moments that Nathaniel is not doing any of his activities, he loves to read, listen to/play music or be outdoors. Nathaniel plans on pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering, where he is waiting on acceptance from the United States Air Force Academy. His Plan "B" is between St. Ambrose University in the Quad Cities, or his church affiliated Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais. 

Congratulations Nathaniel!

QCESC has long supported STEM professionals and actively engages Quad Cities-area youth in STEM events throughout the year. Quad Cities Station's own Chris Hebel and Jeff Melvin are both past-QCESC presidents and active within the organization, but many station employees have volunteered for QCESC events in the past. 

More information is available at or on the QCESC-Facebook page.



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