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Nine Mile Point Spotlights Community Giving


The Oswego YMCA Boxing Club, founded by Nine Mile Point Station (NMP) employees Derrick Falcetti and Derek Breitbeck, was recently awarded $30,000 from the City of Oswego based upon its contributions to the city community. The club offers youth and adults an opportunity to participate in physical activity and for the kids to get assistance with their schoolwork thanks to the involvement of many of NMP’s North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NAYGN) members who volunteer their time as tutors. 

This Spotlight is to recognize Derrick and Derek for their leadership and dedication to giving back to their local community.  They have grown the program and found ways to engage fellow NMP teammates in helping to positively influence local youth.  The tutoring program started in October and has proven to be successful as grades have improved for many of the students.

The following individuals have volunteered numerous hours at the Oswego YMCA to provide tutoring assistance to more than 25 youth participants in the boxing program - Alyx Wszolek, Nathan Heath, Mazen Alhirsh, Soala Anga, Hunter Goddard, Cameron Prior and Paul Blejwas.  The NAYGN group also donated school supplies to be used during study time.

As part of the program’s success, the Mayor of Oswego pledged $30K toward hiring a program administrator so that more kids can participate in the boxing and education program. There is currently a lengthy waiting list.

Thanks to all involved in this program for demonstrating Pride in the Point and Pride in our Community!  Through your efforts you are truly powering the youth of our community!



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