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Moo-uclear Energy? Three Mile Island advocates for nuclear power at the Pennsylvania Farm Show


Clean Jobs for Pennsylvania

Milkshakes, mooing, and nuclear energy? The Pennsylvania Farm Show is underway from January 5 to 12. The event attracts tens of thousands of people and is the largest indoor agricultural exposition under one roof in the nation, with nearly 6,000 animals, 10,000 competitive exhibits, and 300 commercial exhibits. This year, among the livestock, famous food, farming equipment, and massive butter sculpture, you could find Three Mile Island Generation Nation (TMI GN) members advocating for nuclear energy. TMI GN joined forces with Clean Jobs for PA and Nuclear Powers PA to educate the herds of people attending the show on the benefits of nuclear plants to the environment and the community.

FARM SHOW 19 2.jpg

Many Farm Show attendees and participants approached the booth with questions about Pennsylvania's five nuclear plants and supportive comments about the industry. For those seeking more information, TMI GN members gave out fact sheets and explained why nuclear power is safe and important for the economy. They also handed out hard hat stress balls with the CJFP logo, and farmers' favorite candy, Jolly Ranchers!

TMI GN Site Champion Mara Levy used her cell phone to show children photos of what a reactor core looks like. Levy was utterly surprised at the level of engagement youngsters displayed on wanting to know more.

TMI Sr. Communications Manager, Dave Marcheskie, wanted this to be an educational opportunity for Pennsylvanians. "By educating the community about nuclear, we hope to build stronger relationships with the community and customers we serve daily," said Marcheskie. "If Farm Show attendees learned one new fact today about nuclear power, then today was a success."



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