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Exelon Statement on Pennsylvania State Legislature’s Passage of a Resolution on Fuel-Secure Generation Resources


​CHICAGO — Exelon Corporation (NYSE: EXC) today issued the following statement regarding the Pennsylvania State Senate and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives’ passage of resolutions encouraging the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to strongly consider the Department of Energy’s proposed Grid Resiliency Pricing Rule and implement policies ensuring that fuel-secure sources of electricity receive appropriate compensation for the positive attributes they bring to the grid: 

“We commend members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly for recognizing the need for wholesale market reforms that fairly value baseload power generators that provide reliable, 24/7 electricity such as nuclear power plants, which produce 40 percent of Pennsylvania’s electricity and have 18-24 months of fuel on site at all times, making them resilient to inclement weather or other supply disruptions and a zero-carbon power source for customers.”




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