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Exelon Adopts Industry-Leading Family Leave Benefits For Parents And Caregivers

New policies include up to 16 weeks of paid leave after the birth of a child, eight weeks following adoption and two weeks to care for a critically ill family member

​CHICAGO — In recognition of the challenges many employees face balancing work and family responsibilities, Exelon has announced expanded company leave policies that provide additional paid time off to eligible employees following the birth or adoption of a child or when a family member is critically ill. The progressive new package for eligible full-time employees will provide mothers who have given birth with up to 16 weeks of paid leave. New fathers and adoptive parents will receive up to eight weeks of paid leave. Primary caregivers will also be able to take two weeks of paid leave to care for a family member with a critical health condition. The new benefits program will be effective on January 1, 2017.

While Exelon already offered a competitive benefits package that included family leave options, adoption assistance and caregiver support, the new policies are part of the company’s continuing effort to identify opportunities to strengthen its employee programs. 

“Exelon’s updated leave policies reflect our position and values as an innovative, forward-thinking, people-focused organization,” said Chris Crane, president and CEO of Exelon. “We believe our employees are the best in the business and we will continue to invest in programs and policies that enable them to be successful and that make Exelon their workplace of choice.” 

“We are excited to see leading companies, like Exelon, recognize and take action that supports women, men and families in meaningful ways,” said Debra Ness, president of the National Partnership for Women & Families.  “As the National Partnership moves forward with efforts to secure federal legislation that creates a national paid family and medical leave standard, we will look to companies that have taken the lead in implementing family-friendly policies to help us articulate the importance, value and return on investment of helping families take the time they need when serious family and medical needs arise.”  

The update of Exelon’s family leave benefits closely follows and aligns with another significant corporate action that supports working parents and all employees. Earlier in December, Exelon announced a first-time partnership with the White House as a signatory to the Equal Pay Pledge, an initiative to encourage major companies to take action and commit their support to closing the national gender pay gap.  As part of Exelon’s commitment, the company conducted an organization-wide gender pay analysis of all occupations and will renew this analysis on an annual basis. 

Exelon is committed to implementing programs to attract and retain the very best talent to continue to drive growth across our diverse businesses.  To learn more about Exelon’s employee benefits and innovative workplace policies and practices, visit




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