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Exelon Sponsors Field Museum’s ‘China’s First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors’ Exhibit


​​​​​The Field Museum

1400 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60605

Additional Info:
*Chicago, IL

​Exelon is a major sponsor of “China’s First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors,” the latest exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum, which opens March 4. Nine terracotta human figures, as well as a life-sized horse statue, are among the display’s 170-plus objects, including bronze artifacts and weaponry. The exhibit, in Chicago for the first time in 30 years, will run through Jan. 8, 2017.

The show’s eponymous first emperor was Qin Shihuangdi, who in 221 B.C. united China’s seven warring states, organized a military, established a uniform currency and writing standards, and spearheaded weapon technology -- the exhibit has crossbow bolts and a reconstructed wooden crossbow. The terracotta figures were built to protect Qin Shihuangdi after death and are part of an estimated 8,000 buried at the emperor’s tomb. Unearthed in 1974, the artifacts’ excavation site has an area of almost 22 square miles. For tickets to the exhibit, visit or call toll-free at (888) 343-5385.

On Friday, July 15, 450-pound replicas of the six-foot Terracotta Warrior statues will be on displa​y in Exelon Plaza, right next to Chase Tower. Employees are encouraged to stop by to see the statues and pose for pictures.