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Energizing Student Potential: Exploring Energy with Area Teachers


Dresden, Braidwood and LaSalle Generating Stations hosted 12 area middle school teachers Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019 for an Energizing Student Potential workshop in Dresden’s Training Building. 

The stations partnered with the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project to offer a STEM-focused educational energy program with the goal of empowering young students to explore opportunities in STEM fields and help them discover their own path to innovation. 

Exelon ESP Volunteers

The Feb. 21 ESP program was designed to help educators bring energy into their schools and provide tools and resources necessary for students and teachers to explore energy together. 

Teachers began the day rotating through six stations of experiments from the Science of Energy kit. 

Exelon ESP Volunteer

Each teacher will receive a full Science of Energy kit take back to students, as well as classroom curriculum, a stipend for STEM materials, an opportunity for future visits to Exelon nuclear plants, and reimbursement for their substitute costs while they attended the session. 

Teachers attended from: immaculate Conception School in Morris; Saratoga Elementary School in Morris; Seneca Grade School in Seneca; St. Paul School in Odell; Washington Jr. High and Academy in Joliet, Reed Custer Elementary School in Braidwood; and Aux Sable Middle School in Joliet. 



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