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Declining Populations Thrive in Ginna’s Bird-Friendly Habitat


Ginna Nuclear Power Plant employees and local scouting troops partnered to build dozens of nesting structures for osprey, birds and wood ducks on the site. The plant sits on just more than 400 acres, and a large portion of this land is undeveloped, serving as a habitat for wildlife and plants. The site maintains a voluntary Wildlife Habitat Certification, and employees are active in environmental efforts, including supporting nesting birds and ducks.

During 2017, these nesting structures supported a total of 27 nests for four different bird species including the wood duck, house wren, tree swallow (declining species) and eastern bluebird.

A total of 154 eggs that resulted in 141 fledglings were observed in the nests by employees and community group volunteer monitors. Ginna staff collect this data and enter it into the Cornell Nest Watch database to be used for scientific research.

Our close connection to the environment compels us to protect our natural resources and ecosystems. Earning and maintaining environmental certifications exemplifies how we value the environment and work to reduce our impact with future generation in mind.​