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Cross-Continent Journey Stops by Quad Cities


For almost 8 months now, Laura Tallone and Dante Gonzalez have been travelling cross-continent in a quest to visit communities bearing the name Cordova or Córdoba, like their hometown in Argentina.   

That quest brought them to Cordova, Illinois and to the city's main attraction, Quad Cities Station. 


So far, the couple has travelled more than 20,000 miles, driving from city to city, country to country. They have visited Alaska, as well as Peru, Columbia and Mexico. From here, they will continue to other cities bearing the name here in the U.S.

Their goal is simply to enjoy life, discover what they can and find similarities between regions, cities and towns that bear the same moniker. They also hope to be a connector of the people who call these communities home.


The couple was not a stranger to nuclear energy. There is a generating station in their hometown in Argentina and Mr. Gonzalez' father was a minor of uranium there. However, they had never gotten a close-up, hands-on experience at their hometown station and appreciated the opportunity to tour Quad Cities Station's simulator and Professional Learning Center. 

Quad Cities has been the only nuclear generating station on their journey, which will continue for another six months. They were joined at the station by Cordova Mayor Jim Boone and longtime village resident George Kerr.




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