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Community Information Nights Give People an Up-Close Look at Nuclear Plant Operations


Exelon Generation hosts annual open-house events at each of its 13 nuclear plants, which give community members an opportunity to visit the facility, meet plant leaders, talk with employees, ask questions and learn about nuclear energy and how their neighborhood plant operates.

Community Information Nights, as they’re called, are generally held at the plants’ training buildings, which are accessible to members of the public. Inside, employees staff informational booths, provide hands-on demonstrations of equipment and technology, and chat with guests about how they operate the plant and keep the public safe.

The interactive tour of the main control room simulator is one of the most popular attractions for many visitors because it’s an exact replica of the plant’s main control room where operators diligently monitor and run the plant. People also enjoy demonstrations of robotics used for equipment inspections, and trying their hand at Virtual Reality training. And when available, Pepper the Robot – an automaton that interacts with people – always steals the show. 

Community Information Nights are an important part of Exelon Generation's annual public information and outreach campaign, which is designed to engage and educate the public about nuclear energy and plant operations. Throughout the year, employees are active in our plant communities through volunteering, hosting tours, visiting area schools, appearing at community events and financially supporting dozens of civic and charitable organizations.



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