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Celebrating Diversity on Cinco de Mayo


OLE, Organization of Latinos at Exelon, is an employee resource group committed to promoting Exelon's business and diversity goals and serves as a resource to share knowledge and promote professional and personal growth among its members and all Exelon employees. It establishes networking opportunities, activities and programs, both within the company and in the community.

A communication released from the LaSalle Diversity and Inclusion salsa.pngCommittee detailed the importance of Cinco de Mayo and educated with a few fun facts. The sounds of Mexican music could be heard throughout the halls of LaSalle Station in Marseilles, IL with employees celebrating. Departments across the station celebrated in a variety of ways from piñata parties to Mexican fiestas complete with sombreros.

Meanwhile, the FitzPatrick Plant OLE group celebrated the holiday by hosting Salsa dance lessons. In the evening, employees and guests met in Syracuse, NY for a fun night of music, laughter and dancing. The event was open to all employees.



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