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Calvert Supports Local Non-Profits on Giving Tuesday!


26d055ac-3239-4f71-ad7e-15b59c8de915.jpgFor the 4th year, Calvert Cliffs has provided funding to the College of Southern Maryland as part of the National Giving Tuesday Campaign. The $3000 donated this year will support both the Workforce Training Scholarship Fund and the Women + STEM Program.   

The  Workforce Training Scholarship provides access to the Center for Trades and Energy Training.  Workforce training students are not currently eligible for traditional financial assistance programs.

Women + STEM is an an all-day event designed to give girls an opportunity to spend time with successful women in careers that draw heavily on math, health science, computer science, architecture, engineering, physics, meteorology, and cyber security.  The event will provide girls (ages 13 and up) with the opportunity to participate in workshops, as well as meet one-on-one with women in their fields of interest. The day will continue to include breakfast, hands-on workshops, career panel discussions, and a keynote address.

$1250 has been provided to Calvert County's Project Echo, Hope for the Homeless.  Project Echo provides a clean, safe, family-friendly environment to those in need. Their unique 90 day program gives each resident the opportunity to stabilize his or her life and offers many supplemental programs that encourage personal growth and independence. Additionally, they provide a program for people in recovery as well as permanent housing with a shared-living program for individuals experiencing homelessness.  In 2017, they opened  a thrift store to assist with covering financial costs as well as provide a place for residents to shop at free and/or reduced rates. 

$1000 has been provided to PLAG of Leonardtown.  PFLAG is the extended family of the LGBTQIA+ community, made up of LGBTQIA+ individuals, family members and allies. Our donation will directly support the assembly of a mobile library consisting of LGBTQIA+ books to be loaned out to the community, specifically those who are in need of resources or who do not have access to them. Local book stores do not have a dedicated LGBTQIA+ sections and libraries have a limited selection to choose from.

$2000 has been provided to the Calvert County Head Start Program for the development of a new STEM center, similar to the one that we helped to develop and complete earlier this year.   Activities in the center cover the life sciences, including a mock light table to view X-rays, an architecture and design area with real blueprints from Calvert Cliffs, bee bots to teach early coding skills and a math area with games.



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