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Exelon Hosts Innovation Expo Focused on the Digital Worker

Event features technology demonstrations and expert panels discussing digital wearables and other workforce technologies


PHILADELPHIA - Wearable devices, hands-free technology, augmented reality and other tools of the modern digital worker are on display today at Lincoln Financial Field as part of Exelon's fourth Innovation Expo, an event bringing employees, vendors and outside experts together to explore how technology can contribute to a safer, more productive and more efficient work environment.

"Fostering a culture of innovation is critical to the utility industry in an era defined by the rapid integration of electronic digital devices and technology at home and in the workplace," Exelon President and CEO Chris Crane said. "Events like this empower employees to generate new ideas and bring them to the forefront so that we can quickly deploy them in the field. At the same time, we learn from other companies and experts who are leveraging new workforce technology to better serve customers."

Today's event focuses on the digital worker and the growth of electronic communications, applications and other technology to increase productivity, collaboration, innovation and safety in office, field and industrial settings. The event highlights Exelon's efforts to incorporate emerging technologies into its business and encourage employee innovation to solve business problems. Previous Innovation Expos focused on big data and the Internet of things.

At the Expo, more than 20 companies will showcase innovations -- such as wearable technologies that enhance safety and security for workers -- and offer insights into how to inspire innovation, incorporate new technology and empower today's digital workers.
In addition to Exelon, executives and technology experts from companies such as British Petroleum, Kickstarter, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and McDonald's will offer their insights on technology and the workplace.