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Exelon Hosts Spring Innovation Expo Focused on Data Driven Decisions

Event is part of ongoing series bringing experts and employees together to share ideas and new technology



OAK BROOK, Ill. (April 24, 2014) - Emerging technologies from 3D printers to Google Glass were on display yesterday as Exelon Corporation hosted its first Innovation Expo in the Chicagoland area, aimed at bringing together employees and outside experts to explore how to apply creative solutions to complicated business problems.

Building on the last expo's theme of "big data," this event focused on "data driven decisions," or how to harness the rapid volume of data that companies and consumers generate and interact with every day to devise meaningful business solutions.

At the Innovation Expo, experts from APX Labs, C3 Energy, Imaginatik and other companies presented innovative technologies and discussed how they are harvesting massive amounts of data to learn more about their customers, increase productivity and improve results. More than 500 employees attended the all-day event.

"Over the past few years, Exelon has increased its investment in and use of innovative solutions that promise to revolutionize the energy industry," said Sonny Garg, senior vice president and chief information and innovation officer for Exelon. "Yesterday's event helps us leverage new technologies that improve the safety and efficiency of our workforce while developing new energy products and services to better serve our customers."

Exelon has committed to the use of emerging technologies to improve performance, from deploying droids and robotics at its nuclear facilities to partnering with startup companies to leverage Google Glass or other wearable innovations to improve efficiency and minimize hazards.

In advance of the Innovation Expo, Exelon challenged employees to submit posters showcasing the innovative ideas and technologies that they or colleagues currently are developing. Approximately 45 posters were displayed and judged at the event as part of the companywide competition.