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Oyster Creek Prepared for Hurricane Sandy

Storm Preparedness Team Activated as Outage Work Continues



FORKED RIVER, N.J. - Oyster Creek Generating Station is well prepared for Hurricane Sandy as it heads north along the Eastern Seaboard.

The reactor is shut down for a refueling outage. A storm response team is taking precautions this weekend to protect the plant and its workers.

Oyster Creek is a robust and fortified facility, capable of withstanding the most severe weather. When the storm was identified, station workers implemented procedures to assure that safety systems are operational and that all outside equipment, materials and other items are properly secured.

A team of highly trained and qualified plant personnel will closely monitor the storm and take actions to address challenges if they arise.

"Safety is our number one priority. We are prepared to protect our plant, our workers and the public no matter what this storm throws at us," said Oyster Creek Site Vice President Michael Massaro. "In its 42 years of operations, Oyster Creek has withstood its share of severe weather and our storm preparations this week will ensure our readiness."

Oyster Creek was designed to withstand severe storm conditions plus significant margin, including floods and extremely high winds.  Storm preparedness plans are continuously reviewed and modifications are made based on lessons learned from industry events.

Oyster Creek is about 60 miles east of Philadelphia in Ocean County, New Jersey. The plant produces 636 net megawatts of electricity at full power, enough electricity to supply 600,000 typical homes, the equivalent to all homes in Monmouth and Ocean counties combined. In addition, plant workers, through their payrolls, are responsible for more $96 million injected directly into New Jersey's economy.