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Planned refueling and maintenance outage begins



BRACEVILLE - Two main power transformers will be replaced during Braidwood Station's 16th refueling outage that began today.

 The transformers will be replaced as part of the station's long-term equipment reliability plan. This is a proactive approach to replace major equipment before it reaches the end of its service life. Transformers raise the voltage of the electricity that is generated before it is sent to the electrical grid.

Along with the transformer replacement, employees and supplemental workers will complete more than 13,000 tasks during the outage. This work includes performing maintenance activities and upgrading plant equipment. During every refueling outage, workers also inspect safety-related equipment that may be needed during a seismic event.

"The replacement of the main power transformers will help ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation of Unit 2 for years to come," said Braidwood Site Vice President Dan Enright.

 Braidwood Generating Station is approximately 60 miles southwest of Chicago. The station's two nuclear energy units can produce a total of more than 2,300 megawatts at full power - enough electricity to power more than 2 million typical homes.