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Limerick Unit 1 Returns to Full Power After Safe and Successful Refueling Outage

Workers perform thousands of inspections and maintenance activities, install state-of-the-art equipment to ensure safety and long-term equipment reliability



Operators safely returned Limerick Generating Station Unit 1 to full power today, marking the successful conclusion of the station's spring refueling outage. During the outage, Exelon employees and highly skilled supplemental workers performed more than 13,000 activities, including state-of-the-art equipment upgrades, extensive safety inspections and tests, and numerous plant improvements.    

Limerick Unit 1 was taken off line on February 20th.  During the outage, workers replaced one-third of the reactor's fuel and performed preventive maintenance activities, all designed to enhance the facility's operational strength and ensure Limerick's ability to provide clean, safe and reliable electricity for another two-year operating cycle.

"Each spring, we meticulously disassemble, inspect, test and reassemble one of our twin reactors to ensure that it continues to run safely at peak performance," said Bill Maguire, Limerick Site Vice President. "Each year, Exelon invests millions to replace spent fuel, upgrade plant equipment and enhance safety at the station."

More than 2,000 skilled workers from local union halls and technical experts from other Exelon Nuclear facilities supported Limerick employees during the refueling outage. These additional workers create a significant economic boost for area hotels, restaurants and other retail businesses well before and during the refueling operations.  

Limerick Unit 2 continued to operate at full power during the Unit 1 outage. Limerick Generating Station is located 21 miles northwest of Philadelphia. With both units at full power, the site can produce enough carbon-free electricity for approximately two million homes.