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Oyster Creek Prepared for Hurricane Irene

The Oyster Creek Generating Station is well prepared for Hurricane Irene and its effects as it travels up the Eastern Seaboard



Forked River, N.J. - The Oyster Creek Generating Station is well prepared for Hurricane Irene and its effects as it travels up the Eastern Seaboard.

Oyster Creek is designed to remain in a safe condition, even with the harsh
winds and flooding projected for this hurricane. Once it was determined that the
plant could be in the path of this storm, formal procedures and preparations
were enacted to assure the safety of the plant, personnel and the public.
Those preparations include assuring that all plant safety systems are operational;
that all outside equipment, materials and other items are properly secured and
stowed, and that plant procedures related to the affects of a hurricane are
reviewed and ready for use if needed.

In addition, a team of highly trained and qualified plant personnel will be staffed
at the plant to take actions, beyond their usual duties, to assure the plant,
personnel and the public remain safe.

"Preparation is paramount to safety. Just as every individual should personally
prepare themselves and their property for the impact of Hurricane Irene, the
team at Oyster Creek, too, has been working for several days to make sure the
station is prepared," said Oyster Creek Site Vice President Michael Massaro.

Should hurricane conditions warrant, site procedures to safely shut the plant
down will be followed. Exelon will make all appropriate notifications to state,
county and local government officials and will keep the public informed through
news updates.

All nuclear generating stations are all required to be designed to withstand
natural occurrences greater than those ever historically encountered in the
regions where they are situated. They are built to withstand floods, high winds
and have numerous safety systems that will operate and/or safely shut the
reactor down in the event of a loss of offsite power. These designs are routinely
reviewed and modifications are made to assure their integrity and safety.

Oyster Creek is about 60 miles east of Philadelphia in Ocean County, New Jersey.
The plant produces 636 net megawatts of electricity at full power, enough
electricity to supply 600,000 typical homes, the equivalent to all homes in
Monmouth and Ocean counties combined. In addition, plant workers, through
their payrolls, are responsible for more $96 million injected directly into New
Jersey's economy.