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Clinton Power Station Fuels Emergency First Responders

Exelon Nuclear provides diesel fuel for local fire departments



CLINTON, IL - Local first responders protect the citizens in the areas surrounding Clinton Power Station, including mutual aid to the station itself.  The station reaches out to these responders in many ways and recently the Exelon power plant found itself with an excess of a commodity that could aid the first responders in their important jobs - diesel fuel.
"We can't run without diesel," said local first responder and Clinton emergency preparedness manager, Al Darelius. "All of us benefitting from this donation cannot thank Exelon enough. This is a huge bonus to us and the community."
In December, Clinton Station completed work to replace buried fuel tanks and remove the associated underground piping. All work was completed safely, in accordance with the State of Illinois rules, regulations and permits governing underground and above ground fuel tanks. Following the work, the station realized it had 800 gallons of diesel fuel it could share with the community.
"Sometimes we can support the community with funds, sometimes Clinton Power Station employees provide volunteer support and at times we find ourselves with material we can share locally ," said Russ Kearney, Clinton Power Station site vice president, "When we support those in the community who make us all safer, it is doubly beneficial."
Clinton Power Station is located approximately six miles east of Clinton, Ill. At full power, the station produces approximately 1,065 net megawatts of carbon-free electricity.