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Constellation Energy Awards E2 Energy to Educate Grants

Projects ranging from wind turbine design to solar efficiency inspire students to think differently about energy



Baltimore, MD - Constellation Energy (NYSE: CEG) today announced that it has awarded 14 E2 Energy to Educate grants to support hands-on demonstration projects that enhance student understanding of the science and technology needed to address energy issues. Funding for the program comes from the Constellation Energy Foundation, which launched the E2 grant program in September 2010.

The E2 grant program targets projects that advance energy innovation and build on student knowledge and application of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Collectively, the grant awards will reach nearly 26,000 students nationwide. The grants will support a variety of initiatives, ranging from wind turbine design, electric vehicle, and solar vehicle competitions, to LEED building designs using the school building itself as a laboratory, and from electric vehicle charging stations for cold-weather climates to examining the effects of our own behaviors on the energy supply chain.

"As we celebrate American Education Week, the Energy to Educate program helps to underscore the importance of providing all of our children with a quality education while at the same time preparing them to address our energy challenges," said Mayo A. Shattuck III, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Constellation Energy. "Through these projects, students will explore innovative ways to promote the necessary transition to a more secure, efficient and low-emissions energy system, while learning math and science skills that will help them compete in the global marketplace. This program also serves as an extension of our efforts to strengthen our communities and economy by investing in the people and technologies that will create the energy infrastructure of the future."

As part of the E2 grants initiative, Constellation Energy also conducted a social media campaign on Twitter in partnership with the USA Science and Engineering Festival for the second year in a row. Approximately 1,000 Twitter users re-tweeted information about the grants program, resulting in Constellation Energy making a donation to the science festival. The support will provide grants to help an additional 2,000 students attend the festival in April 2012.

In 2009, Constellation Energy joined the ranks of companies that give 1 percent or more of their annual operating income to support charitable organizations and causes. The E2 grant program is among a range of initiatives, donations and grants targeting the company's key areas of focus -energy, education, economic growth, the environment and employee involvement.

To qualify for an E2 grant, projects had to reach a minimum of 100 students and be located in an area where Constellation Energy does business. The program was open to students in grades six through 12, as well as those attending two- and four year colleges and universities.