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Exelon Nuclear Partners signs contract with CNNC Nuclear Power Company Ltd.

Consulting deal marks the beginning of advisory services to promote world-class nuclear power operations in CNNC



Beijing, China - Exelon Nuclear Partners (ENP) today announced the signing of a consulting service contract with CNNC subsidiary China Nuclear Power Operations Management Co., Ltd. (CNNO) to begin advisory services to CNNC promoting world-class nuclear power operations. The contract comes on the heels of China's renewed push into nuclear power, and reinforces the emphasis on safe operations at nuclear power facilities across the country. Under the announced contract, senior Exelon instructors will be stationed at CNNP's Qinshan Nuclear Power Station to deliver workshop and training classes on the Exelon Nuclear Management Model directly to over 200 CNNC management personnel and plant operators from across the CNNC network.

"This contract is the first step in a proposed multi-phase implementation of Exelon Nuclear Partners' international best practices with CNNP," said Thomas Mundy, President of Exelon Nuclear Partners. "The core of Exelon's success in safe, efficient, and reliable nuclear operations has been the development and commitment to the Exelon Nuclear Management Model, which drives for top nuclear safety performance at every level of nuclear operations. This is the cornerstone of the contract that we have signed here today."

Representatives from CNNP recently concluded an in-depth site visit and pre-contract discussions at Exelon's nuclear headquarters in Illinois, where they had the chance to meet the lead engineers and management who have made Exelon a world-leader in nuclear power operations.

"CNNC is entering a new phase of growth, and while implementing the twin goals of ‘integrated group operations and professional management', we are fully pursuing professional reform, continuously improving technical standards, realizing modernization in technology levels and efficient management, and ensuring safe and efficient nuclear power development," said CNNO General Manager He Xiaojian. "As CNNO undergoes the process of implementing professional reform, we sincerely hope that cooperation and communication with world-leading international nuclear enterprises will help us realize and implement a world-class nuclear power operations model. This cooperation between ENP and CNNP can only strengthen our current focus on safe, reliable, and efficient nuclear power operations at all CNNC facilities and prepare us for the future expansion of nuclear power in China."

The Exelon Nuclear Partners training will focus on Exelon's principles in organizational design at the corporate, individual nuclear site and nuclear fleet levels. Exelon has long been regarded as the world leader in multi-unit fleet operations, where it has institutionalized its nuclear safety culture while achieving operating efficiencies through standardized control processes and cross-unit learning.

"We are confident that this training program will provide lasting value to the engineers and managers of CNNP, who are at the vanguard of China's nuclear development," says Steven Breeding, Executive Director of Asia Pacific Business Development for Exelon Nuclear Partners. "In signing this contract, CNNP has made a serious commitment to developing the systems and techniques that have enabled Exelon to become the top nuclear operator in the world."

The contract is the culmination of many months of cooperation and learning between the American and Chinese operators. In March 2011, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed, marking the beginning of in-depth discussions and exploration of opportunities between the two organizations. The current project is expected to last through winter 2011.