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Constellation Energy Collects 561 Pounds of Food During Healthy Food Drive

Effort in support of United Way of Central Maryland’s Access to Healthy Food Initiative



BALTIMORE, MD - Constellation Energy, joined by United Way's Healthy Food Ambassador Molly Shattuck, today announced that it has collected 982 healthy food items during a healthy food drive in support of United Way of Central Maryland's Access to Healthy Food Initiative at Constellation's Baltimore facilities.

The Access to Healthy Food Initiative, a combined effort of Molly Shattuck, United Way of Central Maryland and the City of Baltimore, is designed to increase the availability and accessibility of healthy food to the thousands of people who are food insecure throughout Central Maryland. The Initiative's goal is to source 1.5 million pounds of food to 60,000 Central Marylanders in need.

"People don't always have access to healthy food, and it's incredibly important that we work on solutions to get food onto their tables," said Shattuck. "That is why the United Way's Healthy Food Initiative is so important to me - because I believe that healthy food, and consistent access to it, is a right. We may have set high goals, but with the help of healthy food drives like Constellation Energy's, we will find a way to achieve them.

"I am thrilled with the result of Constellation Energy's recent healthy food drive," she said. "It is a step in the right direction as we continue to work to distribute fresh and nutritious foods to our friends and neighbors who do not have regular access to healthy meals."

Items collected during the drive include 104 cans of low-sodium vegetables, 592 granola bars, 48 jars of sugar free apple sauce and 45 bags of brown rice, 29 packages of fruit, 39 bottles of oil, 24 jars of unsalted nuts, 40 boxes of whole grain pasta, 26 cartons of low-sodium broth, 17 cans tuna, 4 cans chicken and 14 boxes of dried milk.

The healthy food drive is only one way Constellation Energy is helping the Access to Healthy Food Initiative reach its goal. On Oct. 10, employees and their families participated in the United Way Families Living United Harvest Helper Event at First Fruits Farm in Freeland, MD. Employees and their families helped "glean" the crops, which is the act of collecting leftover crops from farmers' fields after they have been commercially harvested. Volunteers sorted and picked 5,500 pounds of potatoes that were bagged and loaded for delivery to the community.

Constellation Energy was named to United Way's National Corporate Leadership Program in 2008 and continues to support the organization through annual campaigns and volunteer events.