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Heavy Equipment Transports Scheduled This Month

Exelon representatives working closely with state, local officials to minimize traffic disruptions along route from Delta to York, PA



DELTA, PA. (November 1, 2011) -Exelon has been working closely with state and local officials to inform residents and travelers of three heavy equipment transports scheduled to move through the area in the coming weeks.

Peach Bottom recently upgraded all three of its Unit 3 low-pressure turbines during the station's fall refueling and maintenance outage. Energy Solutions, LLC has been contracted to provide disposal services for the old turbine rotors.

On Wednesday, November 2, the first of the three low-pressure turbines is scheduled to leave Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station at 9 a.m. and travel north on Rt. 74. The shipment is expected to pass through Red Lion at mid-day and continue north on PA Rt. 24 until reaching the Tracktowne Rail Station in East York. The rotors are being shipped by rail to Clive, Utah where they will be processed for disposal.

Two identical transports are planned for November 8 and 10. No road closures will be necessary but traffic on Rt. 74 and Rt. 24 may be slowed as the heavy haulers travel north at below posted speeds.

The safe transportation of contaminated equipment is carefully prepared and overseen by radiation-protection professionals and governed by rigorous procedures and independent regulatory oversight. These transports pose no risk to public health or safety. In accordance with federal regulations and best practices used throughout the industry, the turbines will be wrapped in a protective covering and marked with radioactive shipping placards. Pennsylvania State Police officers will escort all three transports as an additional precaution.