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Peach Bottom Unit 3 Refueling Outage Begins

Thousands of Equipment Upgrades and Preventative Maintenance Tasks Underway, More than 2,000 Additional Workers Bring Annual Economic Boost to Region.



DELTA, PA - Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station safely shut down Unit 3 on Sunday, Sept. 11 at 10:39 p.m. ET for a scheduled refueling outage. During the shutdown, Exelon Nuclear employees and supplemental workers will perform approximately 15,000 inspections and maintenance activities on a variety of plant components and systems.  This includes replacing nearly a third of the reactor's fuel.  Many of the activities performed during the shutdown cannot be performed while the plant is running.

"This year's refueling outage represents Exelon's continued investment in the future of safe and reliable operations at Peach Bottom," said Site Vice President, Tom Dougherty. "In addition to the thousands of safety inspections and preventative maintenance tasks underway this year, we are upgrading a host of key components that will help the station run more efficiently and effectively for many years to come."

Peach Bottom will utilize the talents and expertise of more than 2,000 supplemental workers to support this effort. Many of these workers travel to Peach Bottom from outside the area, providing a significant boost to the local economy during the outage period.

"Peach Bottom has a long history of well-planned and executed refueling outages," said Plant Manager, Garey Stathes. "We owe much of that success to the gracious hospitality and continued support from our neighbors in York, Lancaster and Harford Counties."
Peach Bottom is home to two boiling water reactors that went online in 1974 and jointly produce over 2,200 megawatts of electricity, powering approximately two million homes.  Peach Bottom Unit 2 will continue to run at full power during the outage.