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Exelon Nuclear’s Internship Program Provides ‘Real World’ Work Experiences

Exelon Nuclear’s internship program gave college students some “real world” work experience this summer that will enhance their chances of finding jobs after graduation. The company hired 121 interns at its 13 facilities, including 10 at Byron Station.



BYRON, Ill. - Exelon Nuclear's internship program gave college students some "real world" work experience this summer that will enhance their chances of finding jobs after graduation. Nationwide, the company hired 121 summer interns at its 13 facilities, including 10 at Byron Station.

"Our internship program represents a win-win situation for the company and the students," said June Hazzard, Byron Station human resources manager. "Those completing Exelon Nuclear internships are more likely to return as permanent employees after earning their degrees." Hazzard noted that 26 of the 43 new graduates Exelon Nuclear hired so far this year are former interns.

"In addition to benefitting the students, the internship program helps the company," Hazzard said. "Our interns bring enthusiasm, new perspectives and creative ideas to the business. The program also serves as a pipeline for new employees."

Peter Bierdeman is an intern in the engineering department at Byron Station. A Dixon native and student at Northern Illinois University, he says the opportunity is unparalleled.

"This internship program is an unparalleled learning experience for me," Bierdeman said. "I am exposed to the inner workings of a nuclear facility and am able to observe how my class work applies to engineering in the real world. Throughout this program I was honing my technical skills as well as developing life skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership, which will benefit me in every walk of life."

Exelon Nuclear offers two types of internships. Engineering internships are provided for students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in various engineering fields, physics or health physics. Technical internships are offered for students enrolled in a two-year technical program at one of several community colleges or specialized trade schools partnering with Exelon Nuclear. Both types of internships emphasize academic learning, career development, skill building and personal growth.

The internship program continues to flourish thanks to strong support at all levels of the company, from the site vice presidents through the Exelon Corp. senior leadership team.

Interns at Exelon Nuclear sites this summer received hands-on experience in a variety of areas, including engineering, nuclear operations, chemistry, health physics and business administration, depending on their career aspirations. Upon completion of their summer internships, each student recapped his or her summer experience during presentations to the station and company senior leadership teams.

Exelon Nuclear's Illinois facilities hosted a total of 76 internships. In addition to Byron Station, Exelon Nuclear's other facilities are: Braidwood Station (Braceville, Ill.) with nine internships, Clinton Station (Clinton, Ill.) with eight internships, Dresden Station (Morris, Ill.) with 13 internships, LaSalle County Station (Marseilles, Ill.) with 12 internships, Quad Cities Station (Cordova, Ill.) with 10 internships and Exelon Nuclear's corporate offices with 14 internships.

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