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Limerick Generating Station Awarded with Wildlife at Work Certification

The Wildlife Habitat Council recently recognized Limerick Generating Station’s commitment to environmental stewardship by awarding them the Wildlife at Work Certification. 


 POTTSTOWN, Pa. - The Wildlife Habitat Council recently recognized Limerick Generating Station's commitment to environmental stewardship by awarding them the Wildlife at Work Certification.  The certification recognizes commendable wildlife habitat management and environmental education programs at individual corporate sites.
This distinction was awarded to Limerick Generating Station for its commitment toward establishing long-term wildlife habitat enhancements that provide undisturbed habitats with food, water, cover and space for animal species living on Limerick's 650 acres of land.
"In the face of a looming crisis of global biodiversity, the Wildlife Habitat Council and its members are working together to put programs on the ground that stem the tide and protect our shared natural resources," said Robert Johnson, Wildlife Habitat Council President. "Congratulations to Limerick Generating Station for their dedication and leadership in creating a healthy and biodiverse planet."
Some of the projects to protect animal species and promote environmental awareness at Limerick Generating Station include:
" The construction of more than 20 bird boxes and bat houses
" Development of an inventory of all plant and animal species identified at Limerick Generating Station
" Installation of silt fencing to deter several species of toads, including the Bullfrog and Pickerel Frog, from entering high pedestrian and traffic areas during the breeding season
" Sponsorship of the creation of an outdoor classroom at Limerick Elementary School
" Employee education on how to treat injured wildlife both onsite and at home
"Limerick has always been an environmental steward and worked to protect animals that were found onsite, however this takes it a step further," said Leanne Birkmire, environmental supervisor at Limerick Generating Station.  "With this effort, we were able to create a species inventory and our Environmental Stewardship Council has been creating projects around our property to ensure animals living here have an undisturbed habitat."
To date, five of Exelon Nuclear's sites have been recognized by WHC for programs that minimize impact on the environment and promote local wildlife. In addition to Limerick, Oyster Creek Generating Station in Lacey Township, N.J. and Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station in Delta, Pa. are also certified.
The Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) is a nonprofit group of corporations, conservation organizations, and individuals dedicated to restoring and enhancing wildlife habitat. Created in 1988, WHC helps large landowners, particularly corporations, manage their unused lands in an ecologically sensitive manner for the benefit of wildlife.  Since 1990, WHC has certified hundreds of programs at corporate facilities around the world providing third-party credibility and an objective evaluation of projects through their Corporate Wildlife Habitat Certification/International Accreditation Program.