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Exelon Nuclear's Internship Program Remains Strong in Struggling Economy

Program benefits students and company



MORRIS, Ill. (July 15, 2010) - Exelon Nuclear continues to invest in its internship program, remaining committed to attracting the best and brightest college students even during today's challenging economic conditions. Nationwide, the company has a total of 116 interns at its 12 facilities, including 14 at Dresden Generating Station in Morris, 7 at Braidwood Station in Braceville and 10 at LaSalle County Station in Marseilles.

"Our internship program represents a win-win situation for the company and our interns," said Mike Nolan, Dresden's human resources manager. "Students who complete an Exelon internship are more likely to return as permanent employees after earning their degrees." Nolan noted that 45 of the 50 new graduates Exelon Nuclear hired this year are former interns.

"In today's economy, it's a competitive advantage to build and maintain a strong, dedicated workforce and that's something our internship program helps us achieve," Nolan said. "Our interns bring enthusiasm, new viewpoints and creative ideas to the business, helping us to remain strong and resilient."

"My internship has helped me connect my coursework and real-world power plant applications," said Lauren Sykora, a senior majoring in mechanical and aerospace engineering at Princeton University and a summer intern at Dresden. "Seeing how the technology works helps me make the leap from the classroom concepts to the actual production of electricity here at Dresden. I've also come to appreciate the relationships that engineers have with so many other station personnel to ensure that everything functions as designed."

Exelon Nuclear offers two types of internships: the Professional Internship Program, aimed at students completing a bachelor's or master's degree on a full-time basis at an accredited college or university; and a Technical Internship Program focused on those seeking an associate's degree in a technical field related to the power generation industry. Both types of internships emphasize academic learning, career development, skill building and personal growth.

The internship program continues to flourish thanks to strong support at all levels of the company, from the site vice presidents through the Exelon Corp. senior leadership team.

Interns at Exelon Nuclear sites receive hands-on experience in a variety of areas, including engineering, nuclear operations, chemistry, health physics and business administration, depending on their career aspirations. Prior to returning to school in the fall, each intern recaps his or her summer experience during presentations to the station and company senior leadership teams.

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