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Exelon Nuclear, Three Mile Island and Area Schools Bring Earth Day to Life

Employees are also volunteering on numerous environmental projects



Exelon Nuclear employees will celebrate Earth Day by participating in a variety of activities in Pennsylvania, Illinois and New Jersey, including teaching elementary school students about green energy options and volunteering at eco-friendly events.

For the second year in a row, Exelon Nuclear is conducting "Gabby Green" programs in local schools around its 10 nuclear plant sites.  The educational series is designed to teach young students about electricity, conservation and green energy such as solar, wind, hydropower and nuclear. The goal of the Gabby Green program is to promote environmental stewardship and raise awareness about green energy solutions.

Nuclear power plants do not burn hydrocarbons when producing electricity so they do not produce any greenhouse gases.  According to the Nuclear Energy Institute, only 27 percent of our nation's electricity comes from clean-air sources, and nuclear power plants generate almost three-fourths of it.  The other major sources of clean air electricity are hydroelectric plants, which provide 5.9 percent of our nation's electricity; wind energy, 1.3 percent; and solar energy, less than 0.01 percent. 

"Earth Day provides Exelon Nuclear employees with the perfect opportunity to combine their strong community involvement with their interest in the environment," said Joe Grimes, Sr. Vice President, Mid Atlantic Operations for Exelon Nuclear. "It is never too early to begin educating young folks about important energy and environmental issues."

"The people at Three Mile Island understand the important role they play in producing energy in an environmental friendly manner," said William Noll, Three Mile Island Site Vice President.  "Earth Day provides us with another opportunity to promote environmental awareness and encourage people to make sound energy choices."

In the Three Mile Island area, Exelon Nuclear employees and family members are participating in the following Earth Day activities:

  • Saturday, April 17 - 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  - Employees and family members will volunteer their time to clean up portions of Rt. 441 as part of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Adopt-a-Highway Program. 
  • Friday, April 23 at 10:30 a.m. -- Several employees will teach third grade students at Londonderry Elementary School about green energy.

These activities are part of the Exelon 2020 campaign, which is a comprehensive environmental strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower the carbon footprint of Exelon, its subsidiaries and its host communities and customers. 

Exelon Nuclear is the largest nuclear generating company in the nation.