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Byron Unit 1 Begins Planned Refueling Outage

Byron Unit 1 Begins Planned Refueling Outage Unit Completes Breaker-to-Breaker Run



BYRON, Ill. (Sept. 14, 2009) - Byron Generating Station began its scheduled refueling and maintenance outage for Unit 1 at 11:09 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 13. The scheduled outage marks the completion of a 517-day breaker-to-breaker run (continuous operation between refueling outages) for the unit.

Breaker-to-breaker operations are indicative of a high level of equipment reliability and overall plant performance.

"This performance demonstrates the commitment our employees have made to operate this plant safely and efficiently," said Dan Enright, Byron site vice president. "Our goal now is to complete all the work needed to return the unit to service, preparing it for another 18-months of reliable operation."

During the maintenance outage, workers will perform more than 10,000 activities on a variety of plant components and systems. This includes replacing approximately 40 percent of the reactor's fuel assemblies.

To support this effort, the station will utilize the talents and expertise of about 1,600 additional workers. The extra workers include employees from other Exelon sites as well as contractors, many of whom travel to Byron from outside the area, who provide a temporary benefit for the local economy.

"We always appreciate the business we get from Byron Station," said Veronica Sanders, manager of the Chateau Lodge near Oregon. "The workers stay for several days at a time and we keep pretty busy helping them with their needs."

While the unit is down, residents should be aware that one of the cooling towers will not produce any water vapor cloud. This is normal during a shutdown.

Byron's Unit 2 will continue to supply electricity to Exelon customers during the Unit 1 outage.