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Oyster Creek Generating Station Returned to Service

Workers replace two main power transformers, refuel the reactor and perform maintenance to advance equipment reliability



Operators at Exelon Nuclear's Oyster Creek Generating Station safely returned the station to service December 1 at 7:18 p.m. ET after a safe and successful refueling and maintenance outage. During the 30-day outage, workers replaced both of the station's main power transformers, refueled the reactor and performed a number of maintenance tasks that can only be performed while the unit is offline.

Oyster Creek prepared for the replacement of the main transformers for more than a year, a $33 million project that will ensure future reliable operations. In addition, workers set the stage for completion of the underground piping project by year's end, a $13.3 million plan to move pipes containing tritium above ground or into monitored vaults. In all, Oyster Creek spent about $50 million on capital improvements during the outage.

"This refueling outage helps make sure we prepare the plant to ensure that the unit will run safely and reliably during its next operating cycle, especially in the summer months when the region needs the plant's electricity the most," said Mike Massaro, site vice president.

Oyster Creek is located approximately 60 miles east of Philadelphia. The plant produces 636 net megawatts of electricity per hour, enough carbon free energy for approximately 600,000 homes, the equivalent of all of the homes in Mercer, Burlington and Ocean counties.