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Clinton Station Begins Planned Refuel Outage

Operators at Clinton Power Station removed the unit from service shortly after 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 29 for the station’s thirteenth scheduled refueling outage.



Clinton, IL - Operators at Clinton Power Station removed the unit from service shortly after 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 29 for the station's thirteenth scheduled refueling outage.

"This outage has been two years in the planning," said Bill Noll, Clinton Power Station Site Vice President. "The team is aligned to put that thorough planning into action and prepare Clinton Station for another two years of safe and reliable operation."

While the unit is offline, the station team will perform thousands of inspections and maintenance on a variety of plant components and systems. This includes replacing approximately 40 percent of the reactor's fuel and a detailed look at one of the station's low pressure turbines.

The permanent station team is augmented with about 1,700 skilled workers from local union halls and another 350 staff from other Exelon Nuclear facilities. All of these additional workers fuel Clinton's local economy for the duration of the outage, a huge economic boost for area hotels, restaurants and markets.

Many of the activities performed during this outage cannot be performed while the station is operating. All of the activities are designed to enhance the unit's ability to provide 100% carbon-free electricity for years to come. It is work like this that ensures Exelon Nuclear facilities are safer, more secure.

Clinton Power Station is located approximately six miles east of Clinton. The plant can produce approximately 1,065 net megawatts of electricity.