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Brief Fire Extinguished at Three Mile Island

Alert Declared and Terminated, No Impact to Public Health or Safety

​Middletown, PA  (October 6, 2015)  Operators at Three Mile Island declared and terminated an Alert last night after identifying and extinguishing a small fire that resulted from an overheated motor that circulates water to cool plant equipment. The fire was extinguished by TMI’s on-site fire brigade and no offsite assistance was needed.  

The brief fire did not impact Unit 1, which remains at full power. The event did not pose a threat to public health or safety, and TMI notified all appropriate local and state officials per procedure.

An Alert is the second lowest of four emergency classifications established by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The declaration and termination highlight Exelon’s conservative decision making and were in compliance with regulatory requirements established by the NRC.

Three Mile Island Generating Station is located approximately 12 miles south of Harrisburg.   The plant produces enough carbon-free electricity to power approximately 800,000 homes.