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Here’s where you’ll find information and resources that should answer just about any question you have about Exelon’s individual facilities. We’ve included facility-specific fact sheets, links, in-depth background on our development projects, and a way for you to be at the front of the line for news and announcements.

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Development Projects

Exelon Generation is always working to produce cleaner, more efficient energy. Check out our projects, both in-progress right now and coming up soon.​



Fortune 100 Energy Company Exelon Chooses GE Predix to Accelerate Digital TransformationFortune 100 Energy Company Exelon Chooses GE Predix to Accelerate Digital Transformation<div class="intro-content"><ul><li>Partnership is part of Exelon’s strategy to identify and test innovative technologies to solve complex energy challenges<br> </li><li> Exelon will deploy GE’s full suite of Predix software applications across its entire generation fleet, which delivers 32,700 megawatts of nuclear, wind, solar, hydroelectric and natural gas power to increase performance and reliability.<br> </li><li> Exelon and GE will also co-develop Predix-based software applications for the electricity industry<br> </li></ul></div><div> <br> </div><div> <strong>SAN FRANCISCO</strong> – Today at Minds + Machines, GE (NYSE: GE) announced an enterprise-wide software agreement with Exelon, a Fortune 100 energy company with the largest number of utility customers and one of the cleanest generation fleets in the nation. </div><div> <br> </div><div>This agreement will integrate and deploy GE’s entire suite of Predix* software applications across Exelon Generation’s fleet of nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, solar and natural gas facilities. The digital technology is being used to improve power plant reliability and performance. The software agreement is part of Exelon’s broader strategy to partner with technology companies, top universities, national labs, government agencies and venture capitalists to unleash new technologies that have the potential to transform the industry and provide greater benefits to consumers.   </div><div> <br> </div><div>“As the only Fortune 100 company in the electricity sector, we have a unique opportunity to lead the energy industry in the exploration, development and deployment of the next generation of clean, diverse energy technologies,” said Chris Crane, president and CEO of Exelon. “This agreement allows for enhanced collaboration between GE and Exelon to develop solutions to complex industry challenges and accelerate the adoption of new, digital technologies across our industry.”</div><div> <br> </div><div>Both companies also announced a collaboration to co-develop, test and build next-generation software as a service (SaaS) applications built on the Predix platform for future market opportunities.</div><div> <br> </div><div>This collaboration with Exelon signals GE’s continued commitment to deliver innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in every part of the electricity value network. As part of this agreement, GE will provide Exelon with its Predix platform, and Digital Power Plant and Digital Wind Farm solution suites, including Asset Performance Management (APM), Operations Optimization (OO), Business Optimization (BO), Cybersecurity and Advanced Controls/Edge Computing solutions.</div><div> <br> </div><div>“Exelon is one of America’s most admired energy businesses, and its embrace of digital marks a tipping point for the industry,” said Steve Bolze, CEO, GE Power. “Building on the success of several pilots conducted across Exelon’s fleet last year, Predix is leveraging the power of cloud-computing and data analytics to allow for increased visibility across Exelon’s entire generation fleet. With 25 new customers deploying Predix-based Digital Power Plant and Digital Wind Farm solutions it’s been a tremendous year of innovation in the electricity industry. We’ll look back on today as the pivotal moment digital transformation went mainstream.”</div><div> <br> </div><div>“Exelon is truly a pioneer. Creating a single view of operational data across its entire fleet has the potential to drive substantial improvements in reliability, efficiency and profitability,” said Ganesh Bell, chief digital officer, GE Power. “What sets Exelon even further apart is its commitment to co-create and commercialize future software applications on Predix that could benefit the entire industry. This is truly a game-changer.”</div><div> <br> </div> 2:00:00 PM