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Echo I, II and III<div class="intro-content copy-section">​​​​​​​​All three Echo Wind Projects are located in Echo, Oregon. Combined, they can produce 64.6 MW, enough clean energy to power more than 19,000 homes. They went into commercial operation in the Summer 2009. PacifiCorp purchases energy from the project under a long-term power purchase agreement. </div><div class="grouper"><div class="row"> ​ <div class="grouper-section">​ </div><div class="section-header"><h4>Generating more low-carbon electricity</h4></div><div class="grouper-content"><div class="cta-generic"><p>Exelon is America's 12th largest wind producer, with 47 projects in 10 states and nearly 1,500 megawatts of energy. Wind power captures the natural, renewable energy source in our atmosphere and converts it to electricity.</p></div></div></div></div>Echo I, II and III





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