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​Albany Green Energy is a 50-megawatt biomass renewable energy plant in partnership with Procter & Gamble (P&G). The plant, located in Albany, Georgia, began operations in July 2017. Exelon Generation owns and operates the plant, which supplies 100 percent of the steam used to run a P&G facility that makes Bounty paper towels and Charmin toilet paper.  It's one of P&G's largest paper manufacturing operations in the world. The biomass plant also generates electricity for the local utility, Georgia Power.

Albany Green Energy employees give generously to the community through a variety of charitable activities including Grow Albany.

Biomass is one way to help address climate change.

Sustainable, low-carbon biomass can provide important sources of renewable energy. It's free of heat-trapping gases like carbon dioxide that contribute to global warming. And it's economically and socially responsible too. The plant's fuel supply comes from locally sourced biomass that would otherwise have been left to decay, burned, or potentially sent to landfill. This includes discarded treetops, limbs, branches and scrap wood from local forestry operations, crop residuals, such as pecan shells and peanut hulls, and mill waste, such as sawdust.




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