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License Renewals

Conowingo Hydroelectric Project (P-405)

Conowingo Hydroelectric Project (P-405)

Exelon Generation Company, LLC (Exelon) is licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC, or the Commission) to operate the 572-megawatt (MW) Conowingo Hydroelectric Project (Conowingo Project) (FERC No. 405). Exelon was granted a (50-year license from FERC on March 19, 2021  to operate the dam through year 2071). The license ensures Conowingo Dam continues its emissions-free operation, benefitting our local economy, environment, and community. 


The Conowingo Project is located on the Susquehanna River (at river mile 10) in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Conowingo Dam is located in Maryland connecting Cecil and Harford counties extending six (6) miles upstream from the dam and the remaining eight miles of Conowingo Pond are located in Pennsylvania, within York and Lancaster counties to form the Conowingo Pond. The Project extends just downstream of the dam to below Rowland’s Island. The Conowingo Project is the most downstream of the five hydroelectric projects located on the Lower Susquehanna River. The upstream projects (York Haven, Safe Harbor, Holtwood, and Muddy Run) are located at river miles 56, 32, 24, and 22, respectively. Tidewater reaches up the Susquehanna River within four miles downstream of the Conowingo Dam, and the river is navigable by large vessels to Port Deposit, Maryland, located four miles downstream of the dam.

By The Numbers


homes powered

$273 million

in economic benefits throughout Maryland


full-time equivalent jobs every year

Prevents 880,000 tons

of greenhouse gas emissions every year


annual recreational visits

More than a dozen

community events held every year

600 tons of upstream debris

removed on average by dam operators annually

300 eagles

gather by Thanksgiving


American Eel Passage and Restoration Plan: 

Under Article 415 of the License, we are required to submit by, by April 19, 2021, the American Eel Passage and Restoration Plan to Maryland Department of the Environment, Pennsylvania Department of the Environmental Protection, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, the Susquehanna River Basin Commission, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for review. 


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a new 50 year operating license to the Conowingo Hydroelectric Dam (P-405) on March 19, 2021.   The Project has 15 recreation sites that provide opportunities for fishing, boating, hiking, swimming, picnicking, bird watching, and sightseeing. These sites include:  Lock 13, Lock 15, Muddy Creek Boat Launch, Cold Cabin Boat Launch, Dorsey Park, Line Bridge, Broad Creek Public Landing, Glen Cove Marina, Conowingo Swimming Pool and visitor’s center, Peach Bottom Marina, Conowingo Creek Boat Launch, Funks Pond, Conowingo Dam Overlook (to be reopened), Fisherman’s Park/Shures Landing, and Octoraro Creek access. The sites are located within the project boundary which extends along the east and west banks of the Susquehanna River for approximately 14 miles upstream and approximately ½-mile downstream from the Conowingo Dam. The upper eight miles of the reservoir are in Pennsylvania, while the lower six miles, and the dam itself, are located in Maryland.  

New License: 

The new license contains articles that pertain to public access to and the use of project waters and lands for recreational purposes including: Articles 406 through 409 that address streamflow operations and monitoring; Article 420 provides sediment management provisions for boating; Articles 421 through 426 provide wildlife and ecological protection measures; Article 426 Recreation Management Plan; and Articles 427 and 428 address debris and shoreline management respectively.     

Contact Information: 
Please contact the Conowingo Visitor Center at (410) 457-2427 for additional information on recreation opportunities.  
  • For information on Generation contact our Generation Hotline at 888-457-4076 and for Spill Information contact our Spill Hotline at 877-457-2525;  
  • For Kayak and Canoe Portage Information contact  410-457-2427;  
  • For debris concerns at our Recreation Facilities contact 410-457-2427. 

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