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Working at Exelon: Through the Eyes of Veteran Employees


​What is the veteran experience at Exelon? We talked with a few of Exelon’s more than 3,400 employees who are veterans of the U.S. armed services in advance of Veterans Day and got their thoughts. Because on this holiday and every day, Exelon demonstrates our commitment to diversity and inclusion by providing programs and recruitment opportunities for veterans. 

Ryan Bowerman
BGE security specialist in infrastructure protection 
Branch of service: Marine Corps   
Volunteer in the Maryland Defense Force and volunteer security work for places of worship

Bowerman believes his active-duty service in the military shaped his thinking in a way that benefits his work at Exelon. 

“Since I served in the infantry unit, I see a lot of parallels in that and private security. A big reason I joined the military was to protect the communities we live in, and BGE has provided me with the opportunity to continue that passion.”

Bowerman is a leader with the employee resource group Exelon Militaries Actively Connected (E-MAC), which was created in 2009 for employees with a military background. The group provides recruitment and networking opportunities for Exelon employees, contractors, and consultants who have a military background or interest.

“By creating E-MAC, Exelon finds ways for its veteran employees to continue serving other veterans in their community. I am excited to see how we can leverage our relationship with E-MAC to recruit more veterans.” 

This includes recruiting at jobs fairs with high veteran populations and actively seeking candidates out, thereby creating a bridge for veterans to employment. According to Bowerman, veterans thrive at Exelon because E-MAC provides opportunity for them follow their passion for helping other veterans and serving their communities.  
Markia Abdur-Rahman
Exelon credit analyst
Branch of service: Navy
Treasurer of E-MAC and Secretary of Exelon African American Resource Alliance

While in the military, Abdur-Rahman learned finance logistics and became a storekeeper. She was later assigned to the engineering department, a field she is passionate about, and acquired extensive knowledge about working on nuclear ships. Currently she is in the Credit and Collections Department. Her military background proves useful in both roles, down to the details. Literally. 

“The logistics experience in my military career helps because I am very organized and detail-oriented. I keep a log of everything that I do, because in the military we kept a logbook. So, I just translate that over to civilian society.”

Abdur-Rahman is part of E-MAC and Exelon African American Resource Alliance (EAARA) and participates in activities such as the wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. She greets veterans who visit the District of Columbia on Honor Flights, plants yellow flags in Delaware honoring veterans who committed suicide, and supports those who suffer from service-related post-traumatic stress disorder. 

She believes that at the core of all such activities lies the camaraderie she shared while on active duty. 

“We try to do things that are affiliated with the military. Because you miss that. People are very much connected in the military, much more so than in the civilian sector, because when you’re deployed together, all you have is each other, so you turn into a family.” 

Exelon is a positive career choice for veterans, Abdur-Rahman said. 

“There’s opportunity for growth, an abundance of training, and the option for continued education through Exelon Tuition Assistance Program. Also, being part of diverse employee resource groups that cater to all backgrounds. There is a place for everyone no matter the sex, color, or creed. All you have to do at Exelon is know what you want then go after it.”
Lawrence Josefowski
Pepco Holdings IT client services manager 
Branch of service: Army
Board member of E-MAC, board bember of Veterans of Foreign Wars & president of Friends of the Delaware Archives

Retired after 33 years of active and reserves service Josefowski was a Lieutenant colonel who served in Thailand, Iraq, Korea, and England, working mostly in communications and emergency management.

Josefowski has been with Exelon since he began serving in the reserves 19 years ago. Being a military leader and having the “24/7 mindset,” as he put it, has helped him excel in his role in IT management at Exelon. 

“You don’t stop at the 8-hour work-day. You don’t stop until the job is done and you have resolved the issue.”

Josefowski is impressed by how Exelon recognizes and encourages diversity, referring to programs that prioritizes veterans as candidates for new job openings. He is also on the board of E-MAC.

Rashieda Farmer
Pepco Holdings customer care specialist 
Branch of service: United States Air Force

Farmer spent six years in the Air Force. She was called to active duty after the September 11 attacks as a customer service specialist; a title she carried through to her position at Pepco Holdings. Since both positions require the ability to assist others in unexpected situations, it would not be an overstatement to say Farmer’s days in active duty prepared her got helping others during emergencies. “In the military I prepared orders for soldiers going overseas and helped their families. Now I help with people in power outages and other emergencies,” Farmer said. 

Farmer expressed how pleased she is with Exelon’s efforts in creating diversity in the work environment, especially for women. “I am comfortable knowing Exelon cares about me and there are many opportunities as a vet and as a woman at Exelon,” she said. 

She highlighted the employee training opportunities available at the company and added, “with our background, Exelon would be a perfect fit.”  

Kathleen Thompson 
Pepco Holdings Lead Nursing Supervising Utility 
Branch of service: United States Army

Thompson refers to herself as an army brat, as her father also served in the military. She joined the United States Army straight out of high school and was first stationed in Hawaii, working in  a drug laboratory, which sparked a long career in the field of medicine. She also attended the Academy of Health Siences in Texas as a laboratory technician and the Tripler Army Medical Center. Thompson later pursued her medical career as a nurse practitioner. 
“My military work laid a foundation for my civilian career,” she said. Thompson calls herself a workaholic who refuses to take a break until her work is complete. “I developed my good work ethics, discipline, responsibility and the ability to work with a diverse population in the military,” she said. 

Thompson is pleased with the way Exelon encourages diversity. She persuades her fellow veterans to take advantage of the opportunities at this company, especially those with a medical background, as she believes there is much room for growth in this department.

About the Art Featured in this Package

Richard Giammaria, senior staff photographer at Pepco Holdings, started the Veterans Day Project in 2017 to recognize employees who have served. Over the past three years, he has traveled the Mid-Atlantic capturing the powerful portraits. The ongoing project is also a nod to Giammaria’s son who is currently serving in the Army.