Living Our Values

Exelon believes being a good corporate citizen begins at home. We strive to create an inclusive culture where our people can grow and thrive, and we develop industry-leading programs that help make Exelon a great place to work.

In 2016, we launched two employee-focused initiatives that further support our culture of innovation, our market competitiveness and opportunities for growth.

In November, we announced a partnership with the White House as we signed the Equal Pay Pledge, putting into writing our own practice and encouraging major companies to take action to close the national gender pay gap. In doing so, Exelon joined other leading companies in acknowledging the critical role businesses must play in reducing the pay gap and in promoting best practices that will ensure fundamental fairness for all workers. As part of Exelon’s commitment, the company will conduct an annual organization-wide gender pay analysis of all roles and review hiring and promotion processes to ensure they are consistent with our equal pay efforts.

We also announced expanded leave policies that provide additional paid time off to eligible employees following the birth or adoption of a child, or when a family member is critically ill. The progressive new package, available to eligible full-time employees from the beginning of 2017, provides mothers who have given birth with up to 16 weeks of paid leave. New fathers and adoptive parents receive up to eight weeks of paid leave. Primary caregivers are also able to take two weeks of paid leave to care for a family member with a critical health condition. Providing time for our employees to take care of themselves and their family is the right thing to do for our people and for our business.

Support for employees led to the company being named America’s “Most Just” company in the utilities industry, according to JUST Capital and Forbes magazine’s inaugural “JUST 100” List. The list was based on a survey of 50,000 Americans over an 18-month period on attitudes toward corporate behavior. Exelon was the top-performing energy company in the areas that ranked highest on the survey, including fair pay, equal opportunity employment, job creation, workplace safety, compliance with laws and regulations, and respect for employees.

Exelon also championed issues of importance to our employees, including health and social services, education, environment and arts and culture. Our employees pledged $7.8 million to the company’s annual giving campaign, which funds local United Way organizations. The company matched those funds with a $4 million contribution. Donations employees made to nonprofits throughout the year through the Exelon Foundation Matching Gifts Program were also matched on a dollar-for-dollar basis, for a combined total of $5.8 million, a 23 percent increase in employee donations over the previous year. In 2016, Exelon and the Exelon Foundation together donated more than $46 million in grants to nonprofit organizations. More than 70 percent of these grants supported organizations, programs or events that were targeted specifically to diverse populations. Exelon employee volunteers also tracked over 170,000 hours of community service in the communities where they work and live.

One of the year’s largest grants was to the Smithsonian’s newest museum, the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. The Exelon Foundation donated $1 million to support the museum’s exhibitions and programs, which use African American stories and contributions as a lens into a deeper understanding of U.S. history and its links to the world.

“The millions of people who visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture will benefit mightily from the generosity of the Exelon Foundation,” said Lonnie G. Bunch III, founding director of the museum.